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POD XT PRO --> ART SLA2 power amp..... low output coming from POD
by Sc0rch on 2013-04-23 10:27:54.3930

Hi guys,

I have a PODXT Pro with all the latest updates and firmware. It's going into an ART SLA2 power amp to a stereo 2x12 cab

The signal lights on the ART are not lighting up, despite the fact I tried maxing the levels on both VOLUME and MASTER on the POD. I know it's not a problem with the amp because I verified it with another preamp and the signal lights up fine.

I have tried connecting them two different ways,  POD XT XLR outs to the ART's XLR inputs, POD unbalalanced 1/4" outs to ART's 1/4" inputs, yet the signal ligh ton the amp doesn't light up.

I have tried all the I/O settings and the Direct out is the loudest of the options I have there. The green signal light stays on fine when I'm playing.

I've read about several issues of the POD's low signal output. Could this be the case here? What's the fix for this?

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