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I Returned My New Spider Valve
by dtriley11 on 2013-04-23 10:53:16.2580

So I bought a SV 112 Mark 1 when they first hit the stores back in about 2007.  I still have it and I do like it.  I love its flexibility, built in effects, awesome Mark 1 Shortboard, and the tone which I consider good enough for live gigging with my cover band.  After all these years with trouble-free service from my Mark 1, I decided to buy a 112 Mark 2 and the Mark 2 Shortboard so I could try out the most updated advancements to the SV.  I got the first one and it was buzzing up a storm.  Returned it for a second one and all seemed good.  The tone is different than the Mark 1.  Its not bad, but the Mark 1 sounda bigger and the Mark 2 sounded like it had a blanket covering the speaker.  But I kept on working with it.  I found that I really like the new "high gain" models.  I could get a mild cruchy tone all the way to a fully distorted tone using this amp model.  So then I started experimenting with the effects.  I gotta tell you, I like the effects better in my Mark 1.  I know people have complained about the limited tweakability of the Mark 1, but there are some sweet spots in the dial for each effect.  The Chorus in the Mark 2 seemed less lush, and I could not get a pleasing phaser sound.  Some of the other effects are nice, and I did like some of the reverb options as well.  But I'm not a huge tweaker... meaning I don't like to spend hours having to dial in every specific aspect of every amp model, every effect, every patch for each of my guitars.  Yes, I do have to tweak the Mark 1, but I find less options to be a good thing.  Anyway, I finally dialed in some good patches then I hooked up the Mark 2 Shortboard.  What a major downgrade this thing is versus the Mark 1, especially the LED read out.  But I forged on anyway, only to find that every time I switched patches mid-song the amp would make very loud pops.  Long story short is that I now know by reading forums that this is a known problem by Line 6 and their stupid solution is to crank up your patch volumes which means my master volume goes from silent to ear-bleeding volume.  Well, I decided to try this anyway, then I overcame this ridiculous master volume issue by setting my minimum and maximum volume pedal levels to 10 and 15 respectively.  This way my master volume allowed me to not go from silent to ear bleeding volume.  So I tried this for a while only find that I still occasionally had pops when changing channels.  After all this nonsense I said the hell with it.  I packed it up and sent it back.  While I don't love my Mark 1 version, at least it is reliable, without design and/or quality defects.  The Mark 2 may have alot more features, but the two Mark 2 amps that I tried were junk.

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