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JM4 Looper used with XTL
by RichardSMF on 2009-08-16 15:11:32.6650

I have just got a JM4 looper and already have an XTL. I want to use the XTL to control my tone and the JM4 just to record and play along with the pre-recorded jams. However the JM4 takes over the tone as well. What am I doing wrong! I have my guitar plugged into the XTL and the output of the XTL goes into the guitar input on the JM4 and the left line out is connected to my amp.

I am probably being a muppet but am new to this, thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers Richard

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by ricksox on 2009-08-18 12:02:41.5660


There is no true bypass on the JM4 so your tone will be colored a little when it passes through that device however, you should be able to just turn off your amp modeling and all effects on the JM4 and just use it to loop and record.


Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by RichardSMF on 2009-08-18 14:54:17.6220

Hi Line6miller,

Thanks for the response. I have tried switching off all effects in the setup menu on the JM4 but it still has a large impact on my tone. I had hoped to be able to have my set up as described above and jam when I wanted and also be able to play without it and assumed that my sound would be the same. The only solution appears at the moment to be to plug into the JM4 and from there to the amp when jamming. Then plug into xtl and from there to my amp when I want my gigging sound. A bit of a shame if this the only option and also means that I would not be able to record using the wah wah pedal. I was going through the effects loop on my amp but have tried going into the front but still no joy.

I am beginning to the think that the issue is that the JM4 has the guitar tones built in that I have on my xtl. Other loopers, Jamman and boss rc20 dont and perhaps would have been better in my set up. Strange if the Line 6 products are not geared to work together seemlessly.

I hope you can help.

Thanks again Richard

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by 0dannyboy on 2009-08-19 09:35:21.3260

I Just got a JM4 as well. I use a POD XT (mikes SRV) clean patch with chorus, delay and rev. I like these amps and FX better than the 2.0 spider fx that are on the unit by a long shot. I use a route 66 pedal for overdrive and compresson. That way I get anolog creamy overdrive and a great compressor as well because I am not to fond of L6 digital distortion or the compressor just my taste no offense intended. heres what I do.

Go to the "settings"  hit the button 3 times, scroll down to the auto select settings for the amp, tone and fx section and turn all 3 of them off.

that way when you switch songs it wont keep selecting the amp section and turning on a preset tone after you switched it off.

I also set the mode from normal to preformance. That way the  "amp out" sends only a dry guitar signal to your pod and the L/R line outs send just the jam track or drums to the PA. or whatever your plugging them into. I find I can contol volume better from my PA than having to internaly adjust the levels.

works like a charm. Be sure to turn the level all the way up on the back after you set it in preformance mode to get a strong dry signal to the podxt.

I dont feel it colors my tone much if any, considering of course I am already running my signal through  a pod a route 66 and a Digitech vocalist live 2 LOL!   I run all this into a Bose L1 system and get a great tone in my opinion. I play acoustic pop, blues, classic rock ...etc in a trio in bars about 2 or 3 times a month. so your not talking to a  signed Pro here. Also I am not a huge tone snob who "must run pure tones with true bypass" and all that hype just a guy who plays out and wants to sound the best he can when playing.

it works Great that way  for me.

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by AParedes on 2009-08-19 10:49:58.7760


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Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by RichardSMF on 2009-08-19 11:14:21.2480

I appreciate your help.

I have made these changes but there is still quite a difference.

Your post suggests that you are going from guitar to JM4 to XT pod to amp. I am going from guitar to XTL to JM4 to Amp.

I also tried changing the setting from "Normal" to "Performance" but I got no sound from the amp at all?

Cheers Richard

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by 0dannyboy on 2009-08-19 12:49:12.4860

The diffrence I think in our 2  setups may be the resason I am satified and you are not.

While I use prefomance mode wich seprates the guitar signal from the backing and drum tracks. and sends gtr only in the "amp out jack" this way.

I send the signal to a BOSE L1 pa system not an amp.

The drum and backing signals are sent out throught the left and right line outs to a seprate channel in my PA.

thats alot dioffrent than the amp setup you have and it seems that you hear alot more coloring of your guitars signal in the AMP than i do in my Bose line array system.

Sorry for the confusion as I agree our 2 setups are way diffrent

Heres and Idea.  plug into the guitar jack of the JM4 first

set the jm4 to preformance mode and turn off all the auto select features.

run the amp out to your XTLIVE

run out from the xtl to your amp see if theres less coloring that way.

just a thought.

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by Line6Hugo on 2009-08-19 13:09:46.0100


Have you made sure to set the amp model knob to off, then save a patch with no amp model or effects to use in conjunction with your PODxt Live?

If you feel there is too much of a difference in sound in that configuration, this is just the nature of the combination because the JM4 is not true bypass.



Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by RichardSMF on 2009-08-19 15:52:51.9580


What a great site this is. I have used it once before and am impressed with the help that is at hand from the line 6 guys and users of Line6 gear and the speed of response.

I think I maybe getting there. Although I had everything switched off in the settings I have knocked the amp knob which kicks everything back in. I now ensure that the settings are off as described in the thread and ensure all knobs are fully off. Things are much better but I need a proper session with the new kit, this will happen this weekend with the purchase of a new guitar, I hope!

I will play without the JM4 and then compare the sound with it in the chain. I will let you know how I get on

Cheers, Richard your help is much appreciated.

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by 0dannyboy on 2009-08-24 10:15:56.1920

Your discussion about the JM4 coloring your tone got me thinking ....I unplugged my JM4 from my signal chain and dramatically heard the diffrence.

In my signal chain it dampens my tone and also cuts the signal volume. I unplugged it and everything was crisper and way louder. Just too much gain stageing for me between the JM4, the PODXT and my ROUTE 66 pedal. I like to keep the live setup as simple as I can.

I now run the JM4 as a stand alone practise/recording rig. Thats what its desighned for I think (and by the way what I originaly bought the pedal for.)

Its a great spare PA/rig setup that way. I also love it for creating new loops for upcoming original material. That being said it will not be a component in my "live" rig unless for some reason thats all I am using.

Re: JM4 Looper used with XTL
by RichardSMF on 2009-08-24 13:01:41.1480

Thanks for the further update, pleased to hear that I am not going mad and that you experimenting with your setup has shown the difference too.

I have changed my set up now. It was:

Guitar to xtl to jm4 to Marshall half stack. I had hoped that this meant I could practice when I wanted or Jam without changing the setup.

My setup now is:

Xtl to half stack. Next to that I have the JM4 connected to a microcube. I then plug my guitar into either the JM4 for jamming to the microcube or into the xtl for practice via the marshall. Shame as it is a bit of a nuisance and I loose the wah wah pedal when jamming. However its still a great bit of kit.

I have set the parameters back to default and can get most of the sounds that I want from the JM4 for jamming.

Great that you can toggle via the far right footswitch between effects, amps and recording mode. I think I have seen this posted but it would be a great idea to have a further menu where the first three foot switches are saved loops, chorus, verse etc. This would be a fantastic option and I am sure others would agree. Is there a place to log such a request. It must be possible as its just another menu structure on the 4th foot switch.

Cheers for your help Richard

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