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Pod Farm functionality w/ Toneport DI-Gold AND XT-Live
by SeerGuitar on 2009-08-17 14:58:08.5250

Hi there,

I own both the Toneport DI-Gold and the XT Llive.  The XT Live doesn't have any additional model packs in it.

When using Pod Farm (or Gearbox), I'd prefer to the tone processed by the XT Live, so that my computer doesn't have to.  Like a TDM would, if you will.  If I have my DI-Gold connected the computer while doing using the software, is there any way for the XT Live to process tones from the extra model packs?

I also see that for $35, I can use the XT Live w/ Pod Farm without having the DI-Gold needing to be connected.  Will Pod Farm allow me to access those through my XT Live (while connected to my computer)?

Thanks for your time!


Re: Pod Farm functionality w/ Toneport DI-Gold AND XT-Live
by ChaChing on 2009-08-18 15:24:59.0780


If you want the XT to do the processing, you cannot use POD Farm as that is POD tone processed by your computer.

You can use the XT as your recording interface to input your signal, but then have the DI connected so that you can activate POD Farm plugin. This will enable you to apply the Gold amp tones to your track.

You will not be able to actually have the gold amp models available on the XT without purchasing all the additional model packs, giving it the same amps as in the gold bundle.

The last point to consider is that the XT is not compatible with POD Farm standalone, but your DI is, so that is another option when using the DI.



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