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Sample Rate Issue w/Cubase
by jbelt on 2009-08-18 10:37:09.5830

A question about sample rates via a USB connection to DAW. With a Pod XTPro, what is the sample rate available to USB connetion to DAW? I see that up to 96KHz is available, but Cubase's clock gets royally tanked everytime I try to link up Pod with file recorded at 96K. Only solution was to downgrade sampling rate of recording to 44KHz & 24 bit. Problem is solved with that approach, but it did raise a curiosity on how the sampling rates are managed via the varios digital outputs on the Pod.



Re: Sample Rate Issue w/Cubase
by Line6Hugo on 2009-08-19 11:46:46.4480


The sample rates for the digital outputs are managed using the 'I/O & DIG SELECT' menu on the PODxt Pro which can be access by pressing the button on the faceplate with the same name. The Format option in the Digital Out menu allows you to select the bit depth and sample rate that the PODxt Pro will output from the Digital Outs.

You must also make sure that you are matching these specs in Cubase when you create your project settings.



Re: Sample Rate Issue w/Cubase
by jbelt on 2009-08-19 12:33:56.6630

What you described is exactly what process I went through; original recording file was captured at 96KHz/24bit. I went into the Pod's I/O&Dig settings and changed to match Cubase, but could never get the 96K to sync with Cubase. In fact, if I were to try and open that file with the Pod connected to the mac, the program would loose ability to access interel sampling clock all together. A very strange condition. Only way I could work around was to dumb down file to 44KHz and match those settings in the Pod...everything is happy at that point.

Its not a deal killer, but we had captured all the drum tracks at 96KHz, and wanted to keep at that sampling rate all the way till mix down, but the POD's inability to sync, forced the down sampling...kind of a bummer. Was just curious if the USB connection was limited to the 44K and in order to get to the 96K, the AES or S/PDIF connections has to be used?



Re: Sample Rate Issue w/Cubase
by ricksox on 2009-08-21 11:55:10.3060


The USB connection will sample up to 48K but won't go beyond that. If you want a higher sample rate then yes, you'll need to use either the SPDIF or AES digital outputs.


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