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Anyone else find the Uni-Vibe yucky?
by bluebluetones on 2009-08-23 16:25:31.1150

Not a real eye-catching post, but I can't think of how else to put it!

I've enjoyed all of the Line 6 stuff I have owned, most recently but not limited to the Spider Valve, XT Live and X3.  The one thing that has stopped me from keeping them forever (besides my Flex III's just too damn pretty!) was the Univibe simulation.  What gives!?  It got this huge "whump" and wobble that is nothing like Boss's wonderful Uni-V or even the cheap ol' Danelectro pedals on the market today.  I add the intensity and it sounds awful at medium speed (Machine Gun), and not enough intensity and it disappears at slower speeds.  I have tried it pre and post position using Line 6 edit.

Granted this is not a big thing to whine about but, being that the Univibe is an integral part of my sound, could Line 6 not help out a bit and improve their Univibe sound?  It's just not up to par with the other options on their effects. (I just love the tremelo options on the XT Live and X3 Live...WOW!)

Anyone else feel this way?  I would love to have one amp that does it all instead of three all with different things I like about them...

Re: Anyone else find the Uni-Vibe yucky?
by ChaChing on 2009-08-25 16:11:02.7750


Thats funny because that is one of the most often complimented models from our end users.

That said, comparing it to the original, it probably doesn't "sound as good..." - nothing is like the original of course.

Hopefully a some other users will chime in with a few ideas, maybe settings, but in the end this is a subjective question, so I am closing it out.



Re: Anyone else find the Uni-Vibe yucky?
by BergerMeister on 2009-12-14 13:00:19.4370

I agree - I'm using the X3Live and both the Univibe and the Phase 90 emulations have this same problem - the sweep isn't smooth or even, and have that "hump" at the high end of the sweep.  Have you come up with any workarounds since starting this post?

Re: Anyone else find the Uni-Vibe yucky?
by nanomanimal on 2010-04-17 07:42:52.6560

I agree, the spatial effect found on the boss GT-pro UNivibe (or ME50) for example is just way more like what the Hendrix sound would have been like, very detailed. I;ve owned both of those and am now the proud owner of the x3 live sadly I could not get the univibe to sound the way I like it using my Gibson SG and Marshall JCM900. I think more control over the effect might help and couldnt be that difficult to program into the X3 from the software end of things. Please line 6 guys? THe amp simulators are amazing and blow the boss out of the water though it must be said!

Re: Anyone else find the Uni-Vibe yucky?
by bluebluetones on 2010-06-21 17:34:33.7090

Thanks for writing in folks,

I'm embarassed to say I did not know anyone replied here, so sorry for the delayed response.  I have still not found any other way of dealing with the U-Vibe settings, so I just don't use it.  It's easy enough to put my Danelectro pedal in front of the amp and Vibe away.

I have to agree with you, the rise and fall of the Vibe is just uneven...and some of the other manufacturers out there have a nice little added swirl on their vibes when the depth is at maximum...Yum!  Boss is my favourite, (I had a GT-8, GT-10, and ME-50 for a while.  Not too crazy about their distortions or amps). I don't know if I am alone in that opinion or not.

Will wait patiently for that glorious Spider IV update announcement where Line 6 says, "We have tweaked some of the effects for more realism - enjoy your new Uni-vibe"

....whoops, was I daydreaming there?

C'mon Line 6!  Help us Vibe junkies out!

Re: Anyone else find the Uni-Vibe yucky?
by nanomanimal on 2010-06-21 17:51:23.8460

Here Here!!! How bout a "multi-vibe" just to keep egos happy? Seeing as some "top" people at line6 have been told its the best univibe they ever heard - my gear couldnt be that lacking not to pick up on the brilliance, a bit of tweaking by the experts couldnt be that difficult!... could it? i love the amps in the x3live and the other modulation effects are generally very useable and pleasing to the ears! now if I can just fix my volume pedal problem!!!

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