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Multiple stomp boxes on X3 Live
by bcresci on 2009-03-15 07:46:40.5890

Is there a way on the X3 live to use multiple stomp boxes at the same time? As an example, I'm trying to send an overdrive stomp box into an the octave divider. Within a single tone it appears I can only choose one or the other. Anyone done this using dual tones or by some other means?

Re: Multiple stomp boxes on X3 Live
by Rowbi on 2009-03-15 07:52:20.8480

you can do it, but you can only have one tone (effectively).

press the outputs button then the right 4 way pad, then pan tone one full left and tone 2 full right.  then press home, then press the inputs button and change tone 2 to be aux.  then connect a patch lead from left output to aux input.  then configure tone1 to have all effects turned off except the OD stomp, then config tone 2 for the octave, and your amp and all other effects.  then connect your guitar to the guitar input, and use the right output as your main output to your PA system or amp.  this methos wont work with headphones.

hope that helps



Re: Multiple stomp boxes on X3 Live
by shawnt113 on 2009-03-15 08:36:33.4660

so I am lost here but running the unit in this method whats the bonus?

Re: Multiple stomp boxes on X3 Live
by Rowbi on 2009-03-15 08:45:56.7010

well you lose the ability to use dual tones, but you can use things like pre and post EQ's and 2 stomps, and pre and post delay.  whereas on one tone, you can only use one delay, one stomp, one EQ, etc.  it gives you more options on your signal chain, but only lets you have one signal chain, and not 2 which you usually have with dual tones.

just think about all the different effects that are in the stomp section... they're not all gain/dist/OD stomps.  there's compressors and others, etc.

Re: Multiple stomp boxes on X3 Live
by bcresci on 2009-03-15 09:16:52.7070

Bugs and quirks aside, this is my only complaint with the X3. With all those effects, it would be nice to have more flexibility for order and selection with one tone. If the M13 had been out when I purchased the X3, I may have been tempted to go that route. I get the sense it has the additional flexibility.

Line 6 - is this something that can be enhanced in the X3, or are there hardware / software limitations that prevent this additional functionality. I'd like to be able to assign any effect in any order to top row of buttons.

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