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Undo last overdub
by badraven on 2009-03-15 22:10:18.6780

Hello all!

I purchased my Spider Jam a month ago. I got an SD card and updated the Firmware to the last version 2.09

In the manual for this amp at page 5.3 it reads "Undoing the Last Recording Press the Undo button to erase your last overdub".
I try that and it doesn't remove the overdub like it is supposed too.

If I hold the undo button for about two seconds a menu comes up to delete all or one of the channels. But that does just that, erases the whole channel.

I'm not sure if the manual is incorrect or if I am not reading correctly or I am simply missing some step.

Can someone please help.

I have figured out how to work around the obvious mistakes that happen while trying to make a multitrack recording but it sure would be nice and would save some steps if the amp would work the way the manual says it does.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jeff in Arizona

Re: Undo last overdub
by djdavis75 on 2009-03-15 22:43:04.0020


I never realized it but you have to have the recording playing or be overdubbing it for a simple press of the Undo button to work.  I just tested it out.

Situation One:  You are recording and decide to abort the current layer your are putting down.  Pressing undo will remove all of the current layer and stop reccording.

Situation Two:  You've completed adding a new layer and stopped recording.  You playback the recording, pressing Undo will remove the entire last layer that was added.

The thing I never realized myself until I just tested it was that you have to be playing or recording when you press the Undo button for it to work.  If you press it with the player/recorder stopped it does nothing, unless you hold it down and select an option from the menu.

Hope that helps.


Re: Undo last overdub
by badraven on 2009-03-19 08:22:26.1830


Thank you very much. Now my Spider Jam is responding properly.

Such a simple step to over look. It would be nice if the manual made note of this but anyway, thank you again.


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