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Toneport UX1 and monitoring the sound. What speakers to use...?
by Hirokotzu on 2009-09-17 01:40:12.9000

Hey I recently got a UX1 toneport and I've been using it to make youtube videos which turned out pretty well for the first few days. I've been running the headphones jack into my Spider III 15w to hear what I play instead of headphones ( Headphone quality sucks I dont wearing them either.) I realized the EQ on my spider III was changing things and I don't want that plus it sometimes cuts off when im recording which sucks to put it frankly. My question is what kind of speakers should I use to monitor my sound while I play and record? Should i find to plug into the Left and right analog outs or use one through the headphone jack again? I do not want to spend that much money on speakers if I have to get some. Suggest some really cheap decent ones please? This is just for youtube videos. Thank you!

(POD farm is great but still have trouble finding awesome tones )

Re: Toneport UX1 and monitoring the sound. What speakers to use...?
by Rowbi on 2009-09-17 03:11:10.7640

okay, I'll try to answer everything you've asked.

getting great tone from POD Farm is as easy as getting awesome tone with the real tube amps that POD Farm emulates with one exception.  pod farm can give you the cranked tone at low levels.... but you still need to understand what you're doing to get the tone. and you also need to understand how to use POD Farm.

what I'd suggest is to listen to some music and find a tone you want to emulate.  then you need to find out what gear that guitarist uses, and emulate that using POD Farm.  obviously your guitar will make a huge differentce in your tone. so if you're trying to emulate slash in GnR with a cheap strat copy for example... you're going to have a hard job.  you'd need something like a les paul, or anything with a mahogony body and some alnico classic pickups.  then of course there's your amp.  and the way you have it connected.  a headphone output may not sound great into an amps CD input.  headphone outs are best left to using headphones unless the device says you can use it for direct out.  remember, one device headphone socket isn't the same as another device.  some have different impedance, and so are not the best instead of a line out.

what you should get is some decent headphones for studio monitoring use.  i think behringer makes some okay ones that are cheap. the HPX2000 model are good.  they're not great like my Sennheiser HD280Pros but if you're on a budget the behringers will be ok.

alternative to that, you should look for monitoring speakers, and stay away from small speakers that are usually used as PC speakers.  I personally use my Sony HiFi to monitor, as the speakers are really good.  they're not flat response monitors, but they do sound good, and you will get what you pay for.  if you buy cheap speakers, then you may sound good, but they'll never sound great.  behringer makes speakers too, so check them out.

Re: Toneport UX1 and monitoring the sound. What speakers to use...?
by Line6Hugo on 2009-09-18 10:27:53.4620

+1 to Rowbi



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