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Spider JAM and FBV compatibility
by jeffkowtko on 2009-09-20 22:41:44.8870

Is the Spider JAM compatible with the FBV Pedal Board? (not the Express MkII or Shortboard MkII).

If not, is there a firmware upgrade for the Spider JAM or FBV planned to allow compatibility?

Re: Spider JAM and FBV compatibility
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2009-09-21 02:13:38.0640

The FBV works with the Spider III and Spider Valve, so it should work with the Spider Jam.  Be aware that a lot of the buttons will do nothing though because most of the controls on the FBV are for the Vetta.



Re: Spider JAM and FBV compatibility
by Avengeror on 2010-05-27 01:16:27.4570

I'm reading some posts that say that the FBV MKII express is compatible and works with the Spider Jam AMP...I can't get it to work yet on my new Spider Jam; it lights up but the pedal and buttons don't do anything. The guys that say that it works on their Spider Jam must have some kind of Firmware or Flash update that is not PLAINLY STATED ON LINE-6 WEBPAGES related to Spider Jam Amps and/or compatibility for FBV Express MKII footpedals!

Re: Spider JAM and FBV compatibility
by Buy-a-Fender on 2010-05-27 04:56:28.1220

ok first off I beleive that if the FBV express works properly, all the buttons do something.

Physically bothe the FBV Express original and FBV Express MKII are identical.

The 4 foot switches (depending on MODE setting on the SJ amp) control users presets or recording/playback and  the foot pedal switches between volume and wah.

as far as the Pilot's guide referring only to the FBV Express and not the MKII that is simply because the Pilot's guide was printed before the MKII was released.

the functionality for the Spider Jam is the same between FBV versions

From what I can find the information that is NOT clear is whether the MKII pedals require 2.09 firmware on the amp.

If you have 2.09 firmware then it should work. If it doesn't then LINE 6 needs to fix it.

FWIW you can get original FBV Express pedals on ebay for reasonable prices if you are patient and careful.

It would be nice to see LINE 6 respond regarding firmware and any other known issues.

Come on LINE 6....

Re: Spider JAM and FBV compatibility
by Avengeror on 2010-05-27 13:12:21.9450

Thank-you for a timely response! I took the Spider Jam amp and MKII pedal back to Guitar Center to find out if maybe I was doing something wrong. Guitar Center sold me the MKII pedal and told me that it would work on the Spider Jam. And I see by some forum posts that it does work on some Spider Jams. And other forum posts have other new Spider Jam owners experiencing the same compatibility problem that I have. But with all the talent at Guitar Center they could not figure out why the pedal only lights up; the buttons and pedal don't work on my Spider Jam. They tried my MKII pedal on other Line-6 amps in the store and my MKII pedal works just fine with all functions on other model Line-6 amps. The Representatives at Guitar Center Bakersfeild have said that they would like to know the solution to this delema as much as I do for future customer service. I will try checking into the firmware up-date, but honestly I am disappointed with Line-6 for not making a simple clear solution to this problem on their WEBSITE!


Re: Spider JAM and FBV compatibility
by Buy-a-Fender on 2010-05-27 14:07:20.2750

interesting - I would think that Guitar center, as a LINE 6 dealer would have direct access to LINE 6 support and could place a quick call to LINE 6 to check on this for you.

In my profession,dealers and channel partners of hardware and software usually have direct and quick access to support for the lines they carry,

But maybe LINE 6 doesn't tell their dealers any more than they tell us here.

I can certainly understand people's frustration with LINE 6. They obviously monitor this forum - how hard would it be to jump in here and explain what is going on?

Good grief LINE 6 snap out of it!!

I don't get it.

take the MKII back to the dealer and get a refund then go on ebay and find yourself a good used unit from a reputable seller.

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