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Toneport -> Mixer -> Speakers, to use for an audio device. (?)
by TaylorG on 2009-09-28 07:48:43.9120

I recently bought a laptop and decided to run my Toneport DI-G (I had to get a powered USB hub) into it since I'm using the Fast Track Ultra with my desktop computer. Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a mixer, which is run to my Fast Track Ultra Interface, out through an amp, and to my Tapco speakers. I ran the outputs on the Toneport to left and right channels on the mixer, so I would be able to play through the speakers and record with my M-Audio Interface as well. I have this connected properly and got it to work, yet there is only one issue. I CAN ONLY GET SOUND BY OPENING PODFARM. If I change windows online, my audio stops and I have to re-open PODfarm again. When I use a different program for music, I have to re-open. I cannot play audio without opening PODfarm after selecting any audio file to playback. Has anyone had similar issues or happens to know the solution?

Re: Toneport -> Mixer -> Speakers, to use for an audio device. (?)
by ricksox on 2009-09-29 10:39:09.8890


You have kind of an unorthodox set up and I'm not completely sure I understand how everything is connected.

So you have a mixer and you are coming out of the mixer into your Fast Trackand then to an amplifier and from the amplifier to speaker? Am I right so far?

If that's the case, can you explain to me once again how you have the TonePort plugged in?

Is the TonePort and the Fast Track both connected via USB?

Also, what operating system are oyu running on?


Re: Toneport -> Mixer -> Speakers, to use for an audio device. (?)
by TaylorG on 2009-09-29 19:59:45.2540

Ok here's how I've got it setup:  (I'm running on Vista Home)

My desktop computer has the M-Audio Fast track Ultra hooked into it, which is connected to the Mixer. My laptop has the Toneport DI-G hooked Usb and the output where you would connect speakers on the unit is connected to the mixer on left and right channels. The mixer is run through an amp to 2 speakers. When I play through PODFarm on my laptop, lights show up on my M-Audio interface connected to my desktop, so I can use both at one time. The problem I have is, I have to open PODFarm to get any sound. And, I can't just leave it open. I have to start the audio first.. and then, open PODFarm to start to hear what's playing. This applies for any audio, including music.


James Taylor

Re: Toneport -> Mixer -> Speakers, to use for an audio device. (?)
by darealagentp on 2009-10-01 12:06:54.9640


I think the real cause of what you're experiencing is due to the fact you're running two USB audio devices simultaneously on your Vista host computer. Here's a good article to read up on ASIO driver limitations to have a better understanding of the fact that you should only have 1 active USB audio interface (ASIO driver) running at a time to get the proper behavior from each individual device:

While many users have experimented with ASIO4ALL: this method of running multiple USB (ASIO driver) audio interfaces simultaneously on one host machine is not supported by us. You're more than welcome to try this, but you'll be on your own in terms of getting things to work properly.

Our TonePort DI-G + POD Farm software is designed to function correctly as the only device/ASIO driver active, if you plan to run it as a soundcard/interface. Otherwise, if you authorize the POD Farm Plug-In license in Monkey, you can use the other interface as your primary I/O device for audio, use the DI-G as the POD Farm Plug-In authentication device, but keep in mind this only applies to running a recording DAW that supports VST Plug-Ins for you to launch POD Farm Plug-In as an insert effect in the DAW. See this video for further explanation of the differences between the two methods of running the DI-G I just tried to type:



P.S. USB hubs are also unsupported connection points with our devices. You may be experiencing yet another layer of issue due to this method of connectivity as well

Re: Toneport -> Mixer -> Speakers, to use for an audio device. (?)
by ourlord2011 on 2011-01-27 20:14:54.6600

hey whats up im having some what the same issue but with a 10" sub i have my krk sixes going in to out put 1&2 on the back of the fast track ultra ok now where do i hook my sub at on the fast track ultra or can you only hook 2 speakers up to the ultra

p.s. im going direckly in to the fast track ultra

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