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Recording Level too high - UX2 + Sonar6
by channel12 on 2009-10-06 13:31:20.6410

Having deactivated Windows Sound schemes in order to use the Toneport UX2 or my Tascam US428 drivers, I am now unable to decrease the recording level to prevent clipping/distortion.

1. have tried the output knob on UX2

2. have tried the ouput setting in PODFARM

3. have tried input level in Sonar 6.

Do I have to re-activate Window Sound and lower the level there, then deactivate it again?

My knowledge of PC recording techniques is relatively amateurish - this stuff used to just work with Adobe Audition 2.0.  Any suggestions appreciated.


Re: Recording Level too high - UX2 + Sonar6
by ricksox on 2009-10-08 13:04:03.3930

Have you tried adjusting the amp volume within your POD Farm or Gearbox software?

How about plugging into the PAD input on the UX2?


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