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Reflashing a POD XT Live and model pack licenses
by dakodeh on 2009-10-07 09:50:21.1050

I recently purchased a POD XT Live from e-bay with two extra model packs installed on it. I'm having some trouble with the unit and may need to reflash the memory which leads to my question about model packs.

I ask because I recently read this troubling post:

In that post, I read this:

Q: Can I transfer model packs that were installed on a unit that was previously owned?

A: No, the model packs are still the property of the previous owner and are still able to be transferred or returned to the home account at their digression.  The only way to control the model packs is to have the owner of the account "surrender" the account to the new user by giving them the account name and password.

I could ask the guy on ebay who sold me the unit to surrender his account, but honestly the transaction is done, I've left him positive feedback, and i don't know why he'd be incentivized at this point to surrender his account to me. It's a huge headache because now I feel like I don't really own these model packs I had paid extra on E-bay for and they could really be taken back from me at any time, or that maybe I can't ever reflash my unit without using them. I really wished I had read this before buying. <:{

If I reflash the unit, will this erase the model packs installed on the unit?

Re: Reflashing a POD XT Live and model pack licenses
by ricksox on 2009-10-08 10:55:46.9890

The model packs are tied to the device internally so reflashing will not remove them unless the previous owner by some weird twist of fate is using Monkey at the same time. Theoretically he could pull them off but it's unlikely. What you can do to be absolutely sure this doesn't happen is download the flash file from the website, disconenct from the internet, and then use Line 6 Monkey's "Update From File" option to reflash the POD.


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