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Effects looping trouble
by willthefirst on 2009-10-08 21:44:19.5600


I have just purchased a beautiful new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp. I want to combine the amps warm sound with the Pod X3 Live's effects.

My wiring setup is:

Guitar --> Amp input --> Preamp out --> FX Return (on Pod X3) --> FX Send (on X3) --> Power amp in --> Out main speaker.

However, for some reason, I can barely hear the guitar sound come out of the amp. It is barely audible, even if I turn the amp up (where I definetly hear a loud buzzing, so the amp is fine). Its getting the guitar tone, just really soft.

Troubleshooting steps I took:

- Amp has full tone, works.

- Guitar --> Pod X3 --> Amp input works fine, but doesn't sound as good (obviously)

- Messed around with "Loop" setting, nothing happened.



Re: Effects looping trouble
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2009-10-09 02:19:28.3310

The best way to wire up your system is to have your stomp effects and wah before the Fender preamp and delay, modulation and reverb effects after.

To achieve this, use the 4 cable method.

Guitar -> POD guitar in -> POD loop send -> Amp guitar input -> Amp preamp out -> POD loop return - POD output -> Amp power amp input

Give that a go.  Now your distortion and wah will be in front of the Fender's tone stack and the modulation, delay and reverb will be after.



Re: Effects looping trouble
by willthefirst on 2009-10-26 19:29:04.1400

crusty i am doing this right now, but it still isnt processing the amp tube sound. at least it doesnt sound like it, you definetly can here that there is a lack of wrmth compared to when the guitar goes straight into the amp. is there some preset that i need to enable? i have the fx loop set to pre, and no other setting are on, so theoretically this should give me the same sound as if i were to go guitar>amp

Re: Effects looping trouble
by ajwebber on 2010-03-16 05:41:12.8430

Hi there,

Came across your post when asking a question about how to split effects between post and pre-amp stages of a valve amp myself!

I think I know why your problem might be arising, it could be down to an impedance mismatch, (see my post at Hopefully we'll both get some answers from the gurus out there.

PS - Sorry my post wasn't in time for your gig - hope it went well nonetheless!


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