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vetta II wont save.
by cvamp on 2009-10-09 10:53:11.1110

I'm trying to make my sound louder-for lead solos, not too much too ask? so i copied the sound to the next channel and increased the i push save...i get the little save screen (save = excecute tap = cancel etc, but when i push save the screen briefly flickers to something too fast to see, & back to the save = excecute screen. am i doing something wrong? i've not tried saving sounds before so never noticed a problem, i'm running v2.5 with as far as i'm aware no other problems (although the disply doesn't appear to be backlit, but it still works i just need a torch to read it) but just in case i have left it a few months and re-installed today with no change.

any help greatly appreciated.

Re: vetta II wont save.
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2009-10-09 14:08:55.8340

I am trying my memory here because I have not had to edit my Vetta patches for a long time now.

If I remember correctly can only edit patches the User bank not the Factory bank.  To edit patches in the Factory bank you need to use Line 6 Edit.  I may be wrong but I think that's how it works.  I'll try on mine in about 3 hours when I'll be able to have a play with it.



Re: vetta II wont save.
by cvamp on 2009-10-10 05:27:13.5990

thanks, what i actually did was copy the sound from a bank in the factory sets into one of the user sets with line 6 edit, which i then tried to edit (in the user bank) in the amp with no joy.

Re: vetta II wont save.
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2009-10-10 06:00:13.8550

That should save.  How old is the amp?  You might need to replace the battery on the main board.



Re: vetta II wont save.
by cvamp on 2009-10-10 06:26:41.7510

well i bought the amp used, i've had it about a year so i'll look into the battery thing-i didn't know there was one! that could maybe explain the lack of light in the main display. maybe. i have now managed to save settings in line 6 edit, so not a complete loss.

many thanks.

Re: vetta II wont save.
by AParedes on 2009-10-12 15:53:07.5230


Yes, there is a battery on the Vetta board that may need to be replaced, and it sounds like your unit needs to be serviced for the screen situation. See the following link for getting your unit repaired:

Product Repair

Re: vetta II wont save.
by jirapat2003 on 2009-12-02 16:00:24.1680

Well just look at the link below that is the battery position in the vetta II and try to change the new one. But I 'd to suggest to the Line 6 team for a next generation of products about the battery. It's very hard to change because we need to take a cover off always for changing the battery inside !!! .

I know if you say just go to the line 6 service shop for do that but some time we do not need to go out and need to do by self.It's true that the life time for one battery is so long but !!! think !! what about when it's run out. yesh it' need to change.

My suggestion is just try to design the easy way to change the battery . If you say How ? just try to move it to the back side and use only one screw only to take a little cover of the battery by do not take a lot of screws and the main cover that you did before. OK the original position of the battery is on the mainboard  just try to connect the wire from the base of the small battery rack that should place like the Vetta Digital Interface (VDI) position at the back side to the mainboard. So that's it !!!  Now all customers can change the battery by themself.

Thank you  ( Look at the battery position in the mainboard)

The important thing is when you take the battery out you will be need to modify a new one that is the same way I did it. so let see  ! you need to find a base of the new battery may be buy from the electric shop or take it from your old a computer's mainboard  like this pics from link.

good luck...

Re: vetta II wont save.
by rullian on 2010-01-12 08:32:55.2120

Hell-pardon the noob question here. but the link that points to Vettaville shows a lot of photos. Exactly where is the battery? And can provide some clear instructions on where to get a replacement and how to replace it?

Re: vetta II wont save.
by jirapat2003 on 2010-01-12 10:44:46.8340

Well, This is the position of the battery and for instruction how to change it

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