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UX8 Driver ASIO is crashing and now unable to record
by crazycottydude on 2009-10-13 13:57:22.9980

I have a Toneport UX8 and when I load up Cubase and PodFarm the red lights indicating that the device drivers are not ready light up. They appear when I load both programs but not when I start up. Also in podfarm when the lights are flashing it does say ux8 connected and the device drivers in cubase dont say device removed. I can't get on the line 6 audio-midi devices window as it wont load.

The audio is still being outputted from the ux8 but it is not being recieved on the computer so I can't record vocals with it.

All the programs are up to date and the drivers are up to date. What is wrong?

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