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M13 First Time Connecting to Laptop
by The_Fly_ on 2009-10-19 12:07:34.7510

I just go the usb/midi connector to use to connect my M13 to my cr#ppy laptop.  I wanted to download the new effects that Line6 has created... I am a bit confused around what the exact process I should follow is.  I thought i read somewhere that I should 'back up' my existing scenes before trying to download the new 2.0 (i think is the most recent) patch.  Can someon provide me with idiot instructions on what I need to do?!?!

Many thanks!!!!!

Re: M13 First Time Connecting to Laptop
by Rowbi on 2009-10-19 12:19:33.5170

it's not difficult as long as you follow the guides

just go here: and see the backup guide and then the update to v2.00 guide (that's still relevant for all updates)

make sure you go to the downloads link at the top of this page and get the latest, which might be v2.01 as there was another update to fix an extra bug in v2.00

the update takes ages, maybe 15-20 minutes so just leave it updating.  it shouldn't take a fast laptop to do it, so yours should just chug along.

i recommend trying out the harmony and pitch shifter effects.  they're cool.

Re: M13 First Time Connecting to Laptop
by The_Fly_ on 2009-10-19 18:21:23.6820

Thank you!  Can't wait to check it out!!!

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