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Problem with my floorboard...
by mrbungledisco on 2009-10-21 22:08:56.8970

I have a Flextone II HD that I use the floorboard accessory with. I have had an issue with the floorboard lately. When I try to switch channels, it works sometimes...other times it will either not switch channels, switch to the wrong channel, or switch to a different channel bank altogether. When I try to use the tuner switch, it changes channnel banks as well. I have tried changing the network cable, and when I manually change the channels on the head they work fine. Is there anything else I can do?

Re: Problem with my floorboard...
by mpmcdonald on 2009-10-22 10:48:40.4060

I'm having what sounds like the same problem with my floorboard.  It is intermittent.  Some times when I hold down the Tap button to go to the tuner, it will do nothing or cycle through a series of numbers on the LED display.  I called the support number and it was suggested that I try changing the cable as well.  I haven't had a chance to try it yet, hopefully tonight.  I'm playing through a Flex II XL.

Re: Problem with my floorboard...
by mrbungledisco on 2009-10-23 22:37:58.7220

I figured out what was wrong. After taking apart my floorboard, I noticed that the switches (on the circuit board) had a little white plastic overlay around the actual switch. I used some dental picks to pry the overlay off. Once I had it off, I was able to disassemble the rest of the switch, which is when I noticed the problem. The metal contacts inside the switches had some dirt build up on them. I used some CRC QD Electronic Cleaner with some q-tips and cleaned off the dirt. Afterwards I reassembled the switch mechanisms and tried them out, and they all worked like new! I then applied the white overlays back on the switches because this is what holds the mechanisms together. It was amazing because it started giving me problems years ago, and I just quit using the problematic switches until recently when all of them became problematic. I hope this helps someone out, because I searched for days for a solution to this, and was ready to just buy another floorboard.

Re: Problem with my floorboard...
by mpmcdonald on 2009-10-24 16:50:46.2040

Thanks for the information, mrbungledisco.  I tried your solution and it worked. Removing the white plastic cover was a challenge, but once I got it off and cleaned out the switch (Tap Tempo Switch) on the floorboard, it works fine.  Actually, all I did, once I got opened up the switch, was to blow it out with canned air.  I didn't have the cleaner in the house at the time. Thanks for sharing your solution!!

RE: Problem with my floorboard...
by AParedes on 2009-10-27 09:56:21.3130

Thanks for sharing your solution!

Re: Problem with my floorboard...
by briggy on 2009-11-04 09:07:26.7450

Thanks for sharing your info.

I have a similar problem with the POD switch in particular does not work or basically crashes the POD.  Very frustrating.  I have checked the RJ45 cable, (I have 3) and now I think I have narrowed it down to one malfunctioning switch.  Can anyone tell me what type of switch component is used on the FB circuit?  I am in Brazil and a loooong way from a service center, which, if there is one will be in Sao Paulo and sending stuff via mail here is unadvisable.

Many thanks.

Re: Problem with my floorboard...
by robbier36 on 2010-06-17 14:59:36.5400

I have the same problem with my floorboard... I tried the fix... cleaning my switches and it worked all but when I press my wah it will change the channel instead of turning the wah on....  is there anything on the wah switch maybe that I can clean... anyone have any ideas? I love this amp and floorboard... sucks that there is not much support for it anymore. 

Re: Problem with my floorboard...
by tdavis2607 on 2011-02-08 22:07:41.3170

My floorboard does not work at all with my Flextone II, although it works perfectly fine with both my old Pod and Bass Pods. Any suggestions????

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