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Toneport GX add-on problem
by Kuklowod89 on 2009-10-23 09:57:10.7120

Hi! I used to have an older version of Toneport UX2 with metal pack on.Now,I bought GX studio version and I cant have a metal pack because that old one was broken and whenever I am doing license key transfer I cannot connect ux2. Plese help. Thanks,Mil

RE: Toneport GX add-on problem
by AParedes on 2009-11-05 16:47:08.7620


I have created a support ticket for you regarding this situation. A support ticket allows you to directly correspond with a Line 6 Support Representative. An email will be sent to you from Line 6 containing a link if a Line 6 support representative determines that a ticket is necessary to troubleshoot your issue. Please follow the link in the email to view your open ticket to work one on one with Line 6 Support.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.