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ToneCore Development Kit not detected by windows
by aclarke on 2009-03-19 05:54:01.3980

When I connected my ToneCore Development kit to my computer, nothing happened. I am on step 5 of the users guide:

5.You should see a dialog box in the Windows task bar.



After Windows has detected the device, the New Hardware Wizard


I don't get the wizard and a new USB device does not even show up in control panel.  I think it is a problem with the mini-USB connector.  It looks like it is broken, the inner dark gray plastic part of the connector is very far back from the outer shield, when compared to other mini-usb devices I own.  Is this a common problem for the kit?

When I call line6 to get this repaired, do I call the tech support line or go directly to the return authorization line?  I was not able to wait long enough to talk to anyone on the phone yesterday, I want to make sure I hold on the right queue.  I purchased this last month so I think it is under warranty.

Is there any other reason it would not be connected?  I have installed the drivers and followed the steps in the users guide.  I also made sure to have a cable in the audio input jack, and I tried the USB with both a battery and the line6 power adaptor.  It just will not enumerate.  The unit works fine as an effects pedal, I tested it with my constrictor module.  It lights up and functions properly.  It just has a problem with the USB it seems.  I have experience developing USB products so I'm pretty sure it is a hardware issue.  I don't want to open it up to investigate and void the warranty so I think I will just have to send it in for a return.



Re: ToneCore Development Kit not detected by windows
by rvha50 on 2009-03-19 15:55:36.9140

First I would try a different cable, next I would try a different computer if possible.

Perhaps a driver conflict on USB Host side, do you see the USB connection in your PC Hardware listing under system.

As for returning the unit back to Line6, I would check it with a different computer with TCDDK installation etc. first and if no go

contact Line6 for further action proceedure.



Re: ToneCore Development Kit not detected by windows
by aclarke on 2009-03-19 16:29:41.3310

Thanks, I forgot to mention I did try a different cable and a different computer but I had the same result.  I did not see any USB device added when I plugged in the unit in device manager so I think its a hardware problem.

Re: ToneCore Development Kit not detected by windows
by ricksox on 2009-03-20 15:41:08.8090

Thanks Terry.

It actually sounds like the device itself is defective, especially if Windows cannot detect it.

If you reside in the US please contact us directly so we can issue you a replacement device.

If you live outside of the US please contact your local service center or distributor.



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Re: ToneCore Development Kit not detected by windowsf
by thePTS on 2009-03-22 14:05:20.3220

Hmmm.. does this mean that customers outside the US will not receive replacements, even if we order directly from line6?

I'm about to order a kit to Europe, so I need to know

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