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X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by xfigox on 2009-10-31 02:40:26.4120

I've just sent my Pod X3 Live to my dealer for the USB Drop Out issue and for the footswitch, however I'm told that I might need to pay as it is no longer under the 1 year warranty.

Now hold on, I just read that the footswitch for the older batch of Pod X3's were covered under lifetime warranty.

However I was told that by my dealer that their line 6 products have a default 1 year warranty, and this issue is still being worked out. So which side am I to believe, I don't want to be paying for something that I do not have too.

Footswitches breaking down just after a year? And now it seems like this is in a grey area.

My X3's serial is: 21X3L5S5733001243

I refer to this thread :


is no public document we can show to prove to you that they are
covered, but when you take the X3 Live to them, tell them to go over
Technical Bulletin #44 for the X3 Live footswitch light pipe
replacement in the service manual. These tech bulletin repairs are
considered warranty repairs even after 1 year.



So we are to tell our dealers that it is under warranty, I've told them so and even reffered them to that thread, and all I get was:

However, the matter concerning the
switches is still being worked out with Line 6. Switches have usually a standard
one year local warranty and not a lifetime one.

So someone please englighten me on this issue.


Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by silverhead on 2009-10-31 05:00:22.1300

If you have one of the older X3L units (the ones with the original footswitches) you definitely should not have to pay. I don't think there's any grey area for older units. The repair is free under warranty, regardless of time.

There may be a grey area for X3Ls that were manufactured with the improved footswitches installed at the factory, but I think you'll need Line 6 to clarify that with you. Your serial number on the machine will let Line 6 know which footswitches your unit was manufactured with.

As for dealing with the dealer, I would wait for Line 6 tech support to advise you. Line 6 may have to intervene with the service center on your behalf. They monitor this forum but not on weekends so it may be Monday or Tuesday (California biz hrs) before you hear back from them on this. You could also try calling them at (818) 575-3600.

Good luck with it.

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by xfigox on 2009-10-31 05:44:17.8810

Thanks for clarifying, I guess it now boils down to whether my X3 belongs to the old batch, guess I'll wait to hear from a Line 6 personnel on this matter. Calling would not be a good idea as I'm from Singapore, I was wondering if I could get an official word or something so that I can show my local dealer. I certainly do not want to pay for this.

Once again thank you silverhead for that reassuring news, will mark the question answered after I get a reply.

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by timowens on 2009-10-31 09:42:30.7520

It is my understanding that serial numbers starting with 5749 or higher are the newer designed footswitches. Yours starts with 5733 so it would be the original design. I don't know how accurate this info is, it was posted on the old forum.

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by MadWerewolfBoy on 2009-11-09 10:17:44.2670

this is rather weird.. i pre ordered my pod x3 live from city music and mine came in with the first batch. my serial however, started with 5750. strange urs starts with 5733!

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by xfigox on 2009-11-09 16:31:01.6620


Thats really weird, did yours come with the USB dropout issue? I'm glad that City Music has got it fixed now though, the footswitches are working smoothly and is much more responsive than before right now!

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by MadWerewolfBoy on 2009-11-09 21:46:08.2780

i haven't done much recording through usb with my pod x3 live cuz my com's in a mess. i used mostly spdif for recordings so can't tell if i've usb dropout issues. gotta wait till i fix my com!

glad they fixed it for you for free though! less to worry about now.

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by chuckerbob on 2012-06-22 05:44:47.7300

You might be able to fix this yourself.

See my outube video on this:">">

Hope it helps.

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by rmdnet on 2012-06-22 11:00:03.5810

Thanks for that video Chuckerbob!

Re: X3 Live Footswitch Lifetime Warranty?
by MOKEY12345 on 2012-09-05 14:24:20.5790

I have two of the newer Line6 x3 Lives and still have had lots of the same problems with the foot switches. I really think Line6 droped the ball and have let down their customers on this regard.

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