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Flextone III changes settings by itself
by mpolley on 2009-11-02 18:09:46.6260

I have been having problems with my Flextone III XL. On several channel settings the amp will automatically change the settings on it's own. I have re-installed the latest flash memory to see if that would luck. When the switch is made it is the same as if you press and hold the foot switch (shortboard) and it goes to some other setting. I think that it might be the default amp for the particular channel.

As a test, I connected thru midi and using Line6 Edit I was able to see that when it switches the gain button went from 25% to 98%. The auto switch still happens when the FBV is not connected.

I'm not sure what to do........any suggestions?  Is this a known problem?

Re: Flextone III changes settings by itself
by spaceatl on 2009-11-03 14:48:39.8480

Holding a channel button on the FBV puts the Flex into "Manual Mode"...That means WYSIWYG....or wherever the knobs are set...You can think of it as a 37th patch but it is not very practical...My 5 year old Flex3 XL will do this sometimes...However, if the knobs are parked on zero is never happens...But that makes manual mode pretty useless...

This sort of moving knob has occurred in every Line 6 combo I have owned...(AX2, Spider 2 120, Flextone III XL and SV112)...

Park the knobs when you perform...

The underlying problem...Well just a theory...There is a control voltage that runs through the pot...There are 128 steps of digital control on something like the gain, channel volume etc...Since the pot is analog, it can get into some halfway states where just a little vibration makes it send the position...A pot disable switch would be nice for performance...We have been asking for that one for years...

Re: Flextone III changes settings by itself
by mpolley on 2009-11-03 15:48:23.2370

I just set all the pots on the amp to zero and played for over an hour and the amp did not self adjust once. Thanks, I think that you nailed it! Scratchy pots, is there any maintenance the can be done or is it just something that I have to live with? Although it does work well running the pots down all the way.

Re: Flextone III changes settings by itself
by spaceatl on 2009-11-04 11:10:53.3850

You can always try hitting them with some contact cleaner...May or may not fix the problem...Voltage regulation is another approach on this...If you stablize the current with something like a Furman AR-15 then there is little chance that the voltage would vary during operation...Since the pot works on a constant voltage and acts as an AD converter of sorts, the more stable the power, the better...It also protects the crap out of your amp...

RE: Flextone III changes settings by itself
by AParedes on 2009-11-12 10:17:00.3390


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RE: Flextone III changes settings by itself
by AParedes on 2009-11-16 10:16:11.7140


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Re: Flextone III changes settings by itself
by Johnamac123 on 2012-04-12 07:28:28.1500

The article made me think of dust on the pot which their was on the master cleaned it of , moving the pot up and down dust ? gone problem was on the Line 6 clean sound ( after a few bars of playing ) going from a strong single to for the want of words radio signal problem has seemed to have been corrected thanks best Johnamac

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