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crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by stefromfortworth on 2009-11-07 06:31:37.1760

I have had my ux1 now for a few months. it worked well on windows xp, although it did crackle a bit but it was tolerable.

I recently bought a new laptop with vista premium and the noise that it produced was ridiculous!!

I got a windows 7 upgrade when i bought the laptop but even when that arrived it was still terrible

the noise is like a horrible crackling sound and you can just barely make out the sound of the audio im playing back underneith it.

This makes my ux1, pod farm and riffworks completely useless because they only work with line 6  interfaces.

since the ux1 is my only interface my sonar 7 is now useless too.

if its not fixed soon ill have to sell the line 6 and buy an m-audio or guitar rig usb interface which i didnt want to do.

what can i do to sort this problem out??

i need a reply asap please or this is the last line 6 product ill ever buy.


Re: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by paulo_ing on 2009-11-07 08:46:04.8030

Well, i have same problem but with toneport UX2, using windows vista 64 home premium 6GB memory, can someone help us?!

RE: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by darealagentp on 2009-11-10 14:39:08.4210


Unfortunately our software releases are currently not yet supported on Windows 7. The only thing we have available for users on Windows 7 is a Beta USB Device Driver that many users seem to have success with.

Please visit the Windows 7 User Group for download instructions:



Re: RE: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by stefromfortworth on 2009-11-11 04:32:03.4630

I already have this windows 7 beta driver and so far its been exactly the same.

the problem i have now is pretty much the same as i had on windows vista so i think there might be a problem with this particular unit.

i plugged it into my old pc running XP and the constant crackling noise wasn't there,

instead i get a very loud burst of noise every few seconds wich is VERY anoying.

im a little bit disapointed in line 6 to be honest. this is supposed to be a reputable company with good quality gear.

i would expect this kind of poor quality from behringer but not from you guys.

and since its a brand new computer i very much doubt there is a problem with my pc

Re: RE: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by pereline6 on 2009-12-10 05:57:27.9780

I've got the same problem with my interface. I've got a AMD turion x2.

I need a solution please!!

Re: RE: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by axy666 on 2010-02-09 07:19:08.3350

Same here. Will never buy a Line 6-product again unless they come up with a solution soon.

Got a HP laptop with amd processor.

Re: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by brazilbryan on 2010-02-25 11:04:32.7280


I'm a guitar teacher who has finished studying music in college and now i'm currently doing a degree in music technology.

Sounds like you have the same problem as me.

using the line 6 ux1 pod. works fine with my desktop pc which is windows xp, but using it with my brand new acer laptop with 4GB ram, 2.0GHz, windows vista,

everytime i plug it in with the usb it works fine for a bout 2 minutes and then i get this deafening crackling sound that just interferes with everything i do. studying i have a home recording studio set up and i liked using the ux1 for quick overdub ideas on the electric guitar but i can't seem to be able to use it anymore!

when the crackling sound comes in the decibel level triples in volume and i was soo scared i damaged my hearing at stage! my sennheiser in ear canal earphones worth €75 RRP have been ruined thanks to this problem. and luckily i didn't have the output up full because it would've most definitely damaged my hearing..

this is very serious problem that line 6 need to address immediately. its broken my earphones and if my hearing was damaged i'd be taking legal action against line 6.

It's absolutely unacceptable and i wouldn't be surprised if someone has already sued them for it.

I've even gone though the effort of recording the sound with an SE condenser microphone and a korg d888 desk. All you hear in this recording is me opening up itunes and then trying to play a john mayer song... with the line 6 toneport plugged in with the usb and my speakers connected to the phones output. is this the sound all you people are getting?!?!

imagine listening to any piece of music at a relatively high volume through in ear canal earphones and then this sound comes on... it is exactly what happened to me and it is dangerously harmful!

Bryan Fleming (an incredibly dissapointed ex line 6 customer)

p.s. I loved my sennheiser in ear canal earphones and so did my music technology lecturer!

Re: crackling noise coming from ux1 interface
by archmage on 2010-09-20 11:03:43.8180

I have these issues as well including no ability to save my riffwors now in windows 7. I must admit I am dissapointed with the support here. a few years ago I purchased a ux1 and over the years have upgraded, and purchased hundreds of dollars of add ons including Riffworks which seems incompatable with windows 7.   Windows did not come out last week and I did download the beta drivers and am still getting pops hisses crackles. This has happened on the original system to but after monthes of tinkering with settings and removing hardward/softwarewas able to get it off, though I lost my ability to to swtich to and use my other 5.1 surround sound speaker system. pretty lame. Anyway the hisses and cracks are endemic to this system and they seem to have no fix for windows 7. I really wish someone would help all the poeple (probably hundreds of silent ones) who have issues.


1- Cracks, hisses and freeze ups in windows 7. this needs immediate fixes.

2- Any version of Riffworks is not available. I own Riffworks 2 (and even tried to uprgade to 2.5) they are not available now and the one that can run does not save any work. I spent hundreds of dollars on this application including mulitple instant drummers, come on get me some help!! 

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