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What AC adapter? JM4
by rojoyinc on 2009-11-25 12:36:09.6870

Help - I haven't used my JM4 in a long time and pulled it out again and now I can't remember which AC adapter goes with it?

I have like 3 here and all FIT the connector - but I don't want to fry it.

I see it wants 9v 2000ma at least - but none say that.  Was this a  H PRO adapter? or  could it be one that has a small black box in the AC line?

I have a lot of stuff  BOSS - DIGITECH etc and need to know which is the proper ac adapter that came with it.

Re: What AC adapter? JM4
by rojoyinc on 2009-11-26 09:46:09.3350
  • DOH  still no replies?  what brand "what does it say" on the wall wort.   that would help me try and pick out which one it might be.
  • Unit says  9vac 2000ma - but I can't find a AC after here that says same thing.

what brand unit is in with the JMm4 looper?

Re: What AC adapter? JM4
by dlester03 on 2009-11-26 11:10:41.3360

For one thing it's not a wall wart.  Mine says Line6 Class2 Power Supply.  Model # Sy-09200A  Part Number 11-32--0000  Input 120V AC 60 Hz Output 9V AC 2000mA  Made in China.  Maybe you should be more careful when you are putting stuff in a closet that you keep the power supply with the unit.

I think this is the right replacement here because the specs are the same but you might want to ask one of the Line6 guys or call the 800 number if you can't find yours.

Line 6 Power Supply Replacement

Re: What AC adapter? JM4
by rojoyinc on 2009-11-26 14:34:49.8260

(be more careful) yes mother.  ;-)   Thanks for the info.  But really wasn't in the closet - and if you had as much gear as I had - you'd be confused too.  I think I should put some tape on them and label them.  Actually I used it upstairs a while back and well - (you married?) she could have stashed it anywhere - the female mind has no logic.  = )

Re: What AC adapter? JM4
by rojoyinc on 2009-11-27 08:42:48.1030

Found mine.  I have one of the first units made and mine doesn't have line6 brand AC adapter.

Mine says  HPro  and says  9v 1.3 amp.

the problem here is line6 didn't put a off swtch it on.  So you have to pull the AC adapter out of the back to power it down.  Well do this to a rack full of gear, fx and pedals and without their name on the wall wart who knows what one goes where.  I hate the lack of power switch.

But at least I can use it again.

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