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M9 uppdate 2.01
by aleksinhell on 2009-11-26 13:13:55.2060

When I try to uppdate my M9 to 2.01 I get the folowing message: M9 uppdate failed (Code 8000000A) An undefined error occurred: Try the uppdate again, making sure the cables are still connected. WHY why why can things like these never work! Help me!

Re: M9 uppdate 2.01
by fester2000 on 2009-11-30 13:32:16.0030




Re: M9 uppdate 2.01
by aleksinhell on 2009-12-01 13:38:34.0020

? I thought I was gonna get some help here but nothing??????

RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by Line6Hugo on 2009-12-01 15:50:24.6250

Can you provide us with greater detail on your updating process? Such as which kind of computer system you are using, what is your MIDI interface, and where you come across a problem.

Make sure you are using a dedicated MIDI interface and have downloaded the latest software drivers for the interface from the manufacturer's website.

Also, make sure to go over the update instructions.

Let us know if you need further assistance.



Re: RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by martelds on 2009-12-01 20:01:34.8070

I am having the same issue. I get an Error M9 Update failed. (Code 80000000A) when I run the update selection.

I have an M13 that I was able to flash the memory so I know my PC and Midi cables are OK.

The strangest part of this is 3 weeks ago I was trying to upgrade my M9 and it would not recognize updates in Monkey. So Line 6 had me send in my unit. They sent me a new one and the new one shows version 1.1 just like the old one.

When I try and run the flash on this unit I get the error message from above. I am very frustrated here!

I have tried this on Window 7 64 bit and Windows 2K3 32 bit I have a a USB M-Audio Midi interface. I did notice one thing which is probably the root cause, In the Midi Connection Configuration I can see my USB Uno Midi in and Midi out but when I select my M9 and click ok I get Failed to connect to line 6 device? Please help. As I said before, same PC same Midi cable updated my M13 and my friend M13 so I know my hardware works. 

Re: RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by aleksinhell on 2009-12-02 08:55:18.2960

Ok, here is the deal;

Windows XP, MIDI SONIC 2x2 (from INFRASONIC) and according to them this device doesnt need a software driver.

The final box i see before the error box shows up is:

"We will now uppdate your M9. The uppdate process takes several minutes. Please close any other applications that may be using the device. Duing the uppdate do not disconnect the cables untill the uppload has completed unless specifically instructed to do so. Continue?"

When i hit the yes button the error message shows up.

I have tried several times, i have switched the ins and outs, read the uppdate instructions several times... if i would take a guess the problem probably would have to be in the MIDI interface. Do you need a special one?? Like a certain brand?? That doesnt sound right though...

There is one part though I am curious about. The MIDI connection configuration box. It says to specify the midi ports u are using to connect to the device.

What is it supposed to say there???

On the MIDI out i have options: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth or Delta AP Midi 

On the MIDI in i only have the Delta AP Midi

Does that seem right? I couldnt tell? I have tried both options on the MIDI out...

Well hope this info is usefull and thanx for helping out!

Hm now I realize that the MIDI connection configuration shold say the name of the MIDI interface, right!?  Delta is my sound the problem is that the USB input on my computer doesnt pick up the midi signals?!? why cant it find the Midi interface? i found it on my computor...??

I have like a converter cable for MIDI from my Delta..should i try it that way?? the problem is i only have one midi cable and i guess thats not enough,, you need both the out and in i guess? i need to go get one more and try that too...

RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by Line6Hugo on 2009-12-02 10:54:48.4310


You definitely need to have both the In and Out ports connected to your MIDI interface. When you launch Line 6 Monkey with the M9 connected to the MIDI interface, Monkey should just detect the hardware and show you the M9 in Monkey window with the updates tab showing you which flash memory version is installed and which is the latest.

You may want to try re-installing the drivers for your Delta and try again, but if it continues to give you problems, I suggest using a dedicated MIDI interface like the MIDI Sport UNO from M-Audio.

Whichever interface you choose to use, make sure to download and install the latest version of the software drivers for the interface from the manufacturer's website before connecting to the M9. Lastly, those interfaces that use class compliant drivers (no additional drivers needed) are more likely to give you problems.



Re: RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by aleksinhell on 2009-12-02 11:08:21.1380

Hi again!

So I relized the problem was the MIDI interface. So now I dont even have an option in the MIDI connection configuration, since I deactivated my Delta figuring the midi signals were running through that hardware instead of through the USB.

I guess Monkey just cant detect it? I can find it via my computor and it says that the unit is connected and works fine!?

How can I make Monkey detect the MIDI interface? I just dont get it?

So I didnt realy get the answer for:

Could I use the Delta output (+the cable that converts to midi signlas) and run it throgh that?? Because The Delta was found by the monkey from the start!

Thanx again

Re: RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by aleksinhell on 2009-12-03 10:33:03.0430


So I finnaly got it uppdatet! great succes :-)

If anyone reads this, this might help.

For starters, when you have the right cables and the right connection to your comp the MIDI connection configuration box wont even show up!

It goes straight to the uppdate.

Also; what does it say in your MIDI in and MIDI out???  In my case since I have a Delta soundcard, that was what showed up. BUT i had a USB interface!

So that was the problem obviously (now afterwards I realize how dumb I am!).

So since there was no way to pick a USB connection there I tried to connect via my Delta soundcard, and :-) great succes!

So whatever those line say, thats where the signal goes EVEN if you have connected it with a USB.

And oh, maybe the line6 guys should make a quick movie about how to do this right and post it on youtube! Use your cellphones to record it! 10 min job :-)

anyways thanx for the support and now its time to see what that pedal is all about ;-)  roooooooooooooock!

RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by Line6Hugo on 2009-12-03 16:09:18.3950

I'm glad the problem has been resolved.

Re: RE: M9 uppdate 2.01
by martelds on 2009-12-04 07:00:53.5430

My issue has also been resolved. This issue I was having was with my M-Audio Uno Midi cable. My cable was only a month old, and it did work for me when I upgraded my M13. But for some reason I could not get monkey to see my M9. I was on the phone several times with Lines 6 who did a great job trying to help me but with no avail.I used different computers with different Windows OS's but I could not get monkey to see my M9 yet I could get it to recognize my M13. Well I went out an bought a new M-Audio Uno cable and that fixed the problem. My cable was bad. Strange that is would see my M13 but not the M9. But this explains why Line 6 tech support was at a lose. My cable was messed up. So again, thank you Line 6 for your help, the problem was with my cable. I hope my experience might help someone else. This is a great little unit, and I am glad I was able to update

Re: M9 uppdate 2.01
by kevstrat66 on 2012-09-18 20:09:59.4460

i was having all the same issues listing in tis thread... i was getting really pissed. BUT the last thing i tried was just moving the USB cable jack to a different port on my laptop. i have 3, and this whole process did not work until i tried the 3rd and last one. can't explain that, but YES your driver for your cable needs to be updated. just plug it into a different port/jack on your computer and windows should do that automatically. keep trying and hopefully the Monkey will jump right through the hoop and you can get back to the reason you're at the site in the first place- TO GET THIS MUTHAFUCKA ROCKIN!

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