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Whats the best setup???
by Midnight015 on 2009-12-01 12:29:17.0850

I want to have my Guitar plugged into my wah pedal then my pedal go to the M13, then have the M13 into my amp.

is this a good setup and being able to utilize everything with little feedback? or is there a better setup everyone else uses??

Re: Whats the best setup???
by Nick_Mattocks on 2009-12-01 13:17:09.5210


Your suggested setup should work fine as far as I can see.   There's really no such thing as 'the best setup' as everyone is different and creates their own best way to set the M13 up with their own specific kit through a process of mainly trial and error and asking other users what they do as you are doing :-).

There's a number of ways in which you can set up the M13 depending on your amp and whether it has an FX loop or not.

I set mine up using what's called the 'four cable method' a lot of the time.  This is when I use it with my Marshall JVM 205H or JCM2000 TSL100 both of which have FX loops.

Basically I set the FX switching to DSP Bypass and then set the FX loop in the M13 itself to POST effect bank 1.  Nominally I have my first effect bank set to distortion FX,second to modulation FX  (flanger, phaser, chorus etc...), third to delay FX and fourth to reverb FX.

In general my normal wiring is;

Guitar > M13 L in

M13 L FX Send to amp In

M13 L FX Return to amp FX Send

M13 L Out to amp FX Return

With the amp's FX loop activated the guitar goes in via distortion FX (if activated)  to the front of the amp as normal and all the other 'clean' type FX go into the amp's FX loop.  I could of course use other FX within any bank and I don't have to set the FX that appear in my amp's FX loop POST FX bank 1.  If I want to use additional standard stomp box FX in front of the amp I can place them before or after the M13's first effct bank and similarly I can place additional FX in my amp's FX loop, before or after the M13 FX.

If on the other hand, I use my M13 with an amp that has no FX loop, then I set the M13 to True Bypass mode and place it between the guitar and the amp's front input.

If I wanted to use my M13 with two amps I could use the Right channel output and the Right channel FX send/return in various ways to blend the two amps.

These are only a few potential scenarios.



Re: Whats the best setup???
by Midnight015 on 2009-12-01 13:31:46.1940

i have a spider II how do i know if it has an fx loop? i'm still trying to get the whole technical side of growing as a musician

Re: Whats the best setup???
by Midnight015 on 2009-12-01 13:44:56.6120

and if i dont will my m13 be pretty much useless??

Re: Whats the best setup???
by Nick_Mattocks on 2009-12-02 04:30:02.8880


Your Spider II does not have an effects loop, so you will just have to use your M13 straight into the front of the amp.   If your amp had an FX loop you would see at least two jack sockets on the back with one marked FX Send and the other marked FX Return.  The FX loop is basically an insert point between the pre-amp satage of your amp and its power output stage. You can place other FX either before, after or in th FX loop of the M13.  There will be some duplication of the FX already in your amp by those in the M13, but that doesn't mean that in any way your M13 will be useless - far from it.  All I would suggest perhaps is that you customise a few decent basic presets into your amp with no FX  - say a mild crunch tone and maybe a clean tone and then let your M13 do the rest.


Re: Whats the best setup???
by erick4x4 on 2009-12-02 07:57:05.4490

Your M13 will not be useless with an FX loop. In fact the statement really is "are all pedals useless without an amp fx loop", since the M13 is like having a dozen pedals in front of you.

Here's the big idea....

Many people tend to prefer things like delay, reverb, some modulations to happen after distortion. SO this means if you plan on using the distortion from your amp, that's when the fx loop comes in. This way you could have Compressors, boosts, wahs, filters, some mods, etc before your amp, and have those delays and reverbs after your amps distortion.

So if you don't have an FX loop, AND you plan on using delay and reverb you have 2 real choices.

     1) Use your delay and reverb before the amp distortion. This is less popular, but there is nothing wrong with it, it just gives some different sounds than delay AFTER distortion. You will have to have different settings but it will work.

     2) Use the distortion on the M13 with all the other effects and set your amp to clean. This is what most people that don't have an FX loop will do. In fact except in the studio, I rarely use my amps distortion because its pretty hard to tell the difference in a live situation, and its a lot easier for me just to use the M13 for everything, especially as different gigs might require different amps to be used.

Does that help? There is no rule for "best setup" but if you don't know where to start here are some general rules for order. Truth is I don't even follow these, but its still probably the best place to start.

FX generally are in the following order:

Filters (Wahs, envelopes, most everything in the filter channel).

Boosts, compressors, some eq's

Distortion, overdrive, fuzz (amp or pedals)

Mods (trems, phasers, flangers, etc.) this is the one that I tend to put before distortion to make them a touch more subtle



In your case I would use the M13 for all your sounds, and your amp on clean. This way its easily portable when you switch amps, your sounds are about the same. As you grow as a musician and learn more, and accumulate more amps, you might begin to shift, but this is the easiest and still a professional way of doing it for years to come.

Re: Whats the best setup???
by Midnight015 on 2009-12-02 17:36:23.1450

Thanks guys a bunch!!!

Re: Whats the best setup???
by JTSC777 on 2012-10-29 09:25:34.0130

The M13 straight into the front of a single channel -single ended- properly biased and maintained tube amp is absolutely incredible. No FX loop routing etc....I don't do any of that stuff. These units are designed for players with good touch and a good tube amp. I use the M13 with a Crate V1512-Marshall JCM 800 combo-Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue and an Egnater Tweaker with various cabs. When I have a chance I will put it into the front of my original Flextone using  the Fender Deluxe setting. That amp takes pedals well so I think it will be pretty good. The M13 is definetly a LOT OF FUN!!!

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