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I hate to say it - BUT......
by Guitarzan54 on 2009-03-22 08:42:06.3080

After reading all these threads (well, mostly just the titles actually) on this forum, and the forum on Sonoma, I'm beginning to get the impression that this Riffworks software is complete garbage.

I don't see a single thread....not ONE, on either board saying something like "WOW! GREAT PROGRAM!!!"

It's nothing but people having major issues with this thing.

I can't even get the program to "Activate" in my Line 6 Monkey. I've done all that was on "Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition" (in the Line 6 Monkey - Optional Add-Ons window), then click "Activate Purchase", then type "refresh" (all lower case)....and it looks like it's gonna work, but then - when all is said and does nothing.
It STILL says that "Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition" is INACTIVE.

I really wish that companies would actually work out these bugs before sucking us all into their products.

Now, perhaps I'm wrong, and jumping the gun a bit. But, I was under the impression that Riffworks T4 came FREE when you purchase Line 6 POD UX2 Pod Farm.

Or is it that the software is all that's "free".....but then you have to PURCHASE the Activation Key?

If so, this is a GROSS misrepresentation on Line 6's behave.

Don't suck me into purchasing a product by telling me that something comes "free" with it....only to find out "Ha Ha!!!! - BUT, IF YOU WANT TO REALLY USE IT  - YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY."

Line 6 is such awesome equipment that it just blows me away that they wouldn't have checked out the integrity of a 3rd party software before offering it to their own customers - and maring their reputation with junk.

And after reading all these issues with this product - I certainly ain't gonna purchase it! LOL

Great DEMO though! .....LOL!!!


Re: I hate to say it - BUT......
by mulletmule on 2009-03-22 17:18:28.7160

Is this the same guitarzan from the Boogie Board? I'm with you man, the thing is aawesome but I'm having the same deal on my mac! I paid to have it included but looks like I'm gonna spend another $99 for he key just to save myself the agrivation. What a scam but the riffworks seems cool and was the reason I got the line 6 just to be able to record ideas and send them out to my band before rehersal. Let me know if you figure something out and I'll do the same! I'm mule#1 on the boogie board!

Re: I hate to say it - BUT......
by stumpsout on 2009-03-23 17:05:06.2950

Riffworks is awesome IMO

but get the standard version NOT the Line 6 one

Standard works without Line 6 devices or with it, and you can deal with Sonoma.

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