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M13 Users - Regen effect spill - are you experiencing this problem ?
by Daraghanderson on 2009-12-16 05:35:16.5500

Hey guys,

I'm just re-posting this as a question here for the Line 6 guys (Thanks phil_m for suggesting this)

A few days ago I got my new M13 unit and I have to say I think it's pretty great.

I am however having a slight problem regarding overlapping regenerative effects (notably Delays & Octisynth) in True Bypass mode.

Basically I'll give you a walkthrough, please try this setup out and see if it is indeed a problem with all units and not just mine.

As I'd rather know so I can send it back if its simply just a faulty unit or whatnot.

I must mention here I'm using the latest Frmware Update (2.01) and it was installed successfully

I am using Mono Jack Input and Mono Jack Output with and no looping is engaged or extra cables plugged in.

I have no global Noise Gate engaged (Thanks to phil_m again for helping me clarify this)

To check this out yourselves, try setting up a scene like this;

In my scene settings I have... TrueBypass: ON, Manual Save: ON, FX: 1>2>3>4, RelPots & PreAll are both ON

Fx Bank 4A has Lo Res Delay with the following settings;

Tone around 20%, Tempo @409MS, Res @ 0%, Feedback around 90% and Mix around 90%

Fx Bank 2C has A Pattern Tremolo on, it doesn't really matter what settings.

Ok so, we activate the Lo Res Delay in 4A and hit the guitar so that the regen begins to build up.

While this is going hit the Tremolo in 2C and after a second or two turn off the delay in 4A.

(Interestingly the regen continues, even though these effects are routed 1>2>3>4?)

Now turn off 2C's Tremolo and you will hear silence, which of course is what you'd expect

but again re-activate 2C (remember the Delay has now been disengaged and we're in TrueBypass mode so there should be no residual effect)

alas you'll still hear the Regen from the LoResDelay on 4A continuing underneath not just this effect but now EVERYTHING else I turn on

in banks 1,2 & 3 until I activate a different delay in bank #4!

I want to use huge sprawling noise-delays and such, but I need them to stop and not return when I turn the effect off! (Which of course is why DSP

mode is not an option for me)

I must point out that I'm experiencing the same problem with Octisynth at extreme settings as well as Particle Verb and Octo Verb.

Surely the premise of True Bypass is that it should cut the signal dead. Which it does. However when I reactivate another effect it's effect spill

is still in the buffer underneath whatever else I'm playing, which is a massive pain.

I want to know basically is this a general issue? Am I doing something incorrectly, or can this be worked around in a future firmware update?

I really DO want to keep this unit but for now I'll have to botch some workaround with my (now 7 years old DL4)

Any ideas, is this the same on your unit?

Thanks for your help guys,


Re: M13 Users - Regen effect spill - are you experiencing this problem ?
by RichRenken on 2009-12-17 00:55:39.7990

Interesting one. Nice. I will check it out tomorrow and get back to you.

Re: M13 Users - Regen effect spill - are you experiencing this problem ?
by Daraghanderson on 2009-12-20 14:35:51.4030

Thanks for your reply Rich !

Any word on this ?



RE: M13 Users - Regen effect spill - are you experiencing this problem ?
by ricksox on 2009-12-28 09:44:17.8660


I was able to reproduce this and it does indeed look like a weird True Bypass bug. I've logged it as a bug in our database for visibility. Thanks for the heads up on this one.


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