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Flextone III XL presets
by stringman340 on 2009-12-17 21:29:36.9950

I've been meaning to ask this for a while. My new Flex III XL came with the little card/sheet with the list of presets and their position. The last four patches (in bank 9) differ on my FBV Shortboard MKII from the card's. On the card: 9a - Jazz / 9b - Comm Breakdown / 9c - Nowhere Man / 9d - Satch Boogie. I forget what my Shortboard read, but I do know that: 9a - Jazz Box, and 9d - Sweepy Time. 9b and 9c are totally different, too. I love Satch's tone, so i tried a reset - hold A & D buttons while powering up - and the last 4 still didn't match the factory card. Is there a reason why these don't match? I assumed that the card was probably for another Flex model. I don't mind at all that the presets are wrong, just wanted to know why. Thanks! BTW, a Satch setting on the Flex III XL will be greatly appreciated!

Re: Flextone III XL presets
by spaceatl on 2009-12-18 09:17:09.0850

I have read about this before but it has been several years...I think this is documentation that is out of synch...I think there is a difference in the presets between version 1.00 and 1.10 of the firmware...The FBV is nothing but a controller...The name of the patch and everything about it is all stored in the amp...accessed by the FBV...I had one of those sorts of cards that came with my amp and I remember that it did not match exactly...My amp came with 1.10 on it and I think the documentation has always been 1.00 for the Flextone 3...That is if my memory is correct...

Not sure what to tell you about a Satch tone...But here is what guitar geek says he was using in 2000...

A flextone 3 is a great amp but it's missing some things. To really nail his tone with the Flex you might need some key missing peices like the DS-1...Maybe an extra Delay in the FX loop to do spillover...

Looking at this I would probably try the Plexi 100 or JCM800 amp model...Greenback 412 cab model...SM57 off axis....Setup a Chorus on the MOD in post...I think I would go with the Analog Delay model post for the DD-2 (DD-2 sounds a lot like the DM-3 analog delay and the Analog Delay in the Flex is a Memory Man model)...The Plexi is pretty light in the gain department just like the real one so you could drive it with the compressor...You would get a better result driving it with a DS-1...You will get more gain from the JCM800 model....

stomps in front of this amp behave a lot like the do in front of the real thing and this amp has only the compressor gain stomp so there are some missing bits. I have always used some extra stomps with this amp...It has 90% of what I need built in...


Re: Flextone III XL presets
by stringman340 on 2009-12-18 11:05:02.7510

Alright so it wasn't just me. It's fine, though, having Vai's and EJ's tone come stock is pretty neat enough. I just thought my amp was "special", like some cat was noodling around with it in the factory before finalizing an inspection!

I've seen that Guitar Geek schematic before. Thanks for your suggestion breakdown. I do have a Satch sound created and stored in my GT-8, so I can dissect what I did to get that, but I just thought someone may have known the exact way to do it with a stock Flex III. Reference to the Guitar Geek schematic should do the trick though.

Thanks again Space. I'll try building a Satch tone this weekend and will post what happens.

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