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M9 vs M13
by bayoubill on 2009-12-19 11:46:07.1560

I can't make up my mind as to which unit is best for "live" gigs. Has anyone here used both? Does anyone have some insight on which one is best? Looks like the M9 is easier to work with but does it cover the effects needed for a performance ?

Re: M9 vs M13
by RichRenken on 2009-12-19 11:57:42.7100

The real choice being made when deciding between them is not easier or harder or live or studio. It is as simple as this.

M13 IS your pedal board and M9 goes ON your pedal board.

Honestly, the M13 is a bit easier to use because you have an LCD screen for each FX you have on.

The only other two things you get with M13 over M9 is 4 FX at once and an FX loop.

Other than these differences, they are both easy to use and have the exact same features and FXs.

Re: M9 vs M13
by bayoubill on 2009-12-19 12:09:54.7750

Thanks for the input. I'm want to get away from pedals and cables all over the place. I have a Pod X3 I use for recording and I really love it. It however is overkill on live gigs. I like the idea of scenes for a quick get to when needed. That's what I'm looking for and need. Do you know of any other unit that does the same or do you suggest the M9/13?

Re: M9 vs M13
by RichRenken on 2009-12-19 12:35:46.2780

There is nothing else like it.

Re: M9 vs M13
by superkungfukid on 2009-12-19 14:32:36.7600

Well, there is other stuff that is sort of "like" the M13; just more expensive and not as flexible or intuitive, or practical...and some might say not as good sounding

Re: M9 vs M13
by RichRenken on 2009-12-19 16:40:50.1350

Do you mean stand alone units or are you referring to having a rack full of pedals and rack gear being controlled by a bradshaw or ground control?

Re: M9 vs M13
by superkungfukid on 2009-12-19 19:33:33.8800

I was primarily referring to other multi effects units like some of the TC Electronic stuff (G-System has some similarities to the M13; Nova system has some similarities to the M9). Things like that. Really, you could name any previous attempt at a comprehensive multi effects unit prior to the M13. I was looking at the big picture of multi effects units; even ones that do amp modeling.

There was a reason I used terms such as "sort of" and "like" the way I did.

For the price point, in my opinion both the M9 (although when directly compared to the M13, I personally feel the M9 is a tad overpriced) and the M13 deliver better effects, more flexibility, more practical functionality and the best, most intuitive user interface. The M13 in particular is very, very intuitive right out of the box; yet it allows one to get really complex with their rig too with the many ways it can be incorporated, especially if you start getting crazy with the midi command stuff!

The only thing that even comes close is the G-System (but it falls well short of the M13's ease of use and ease of editing), and you could buy three M13's for the price of one G-System. From my point of view the M13 is hands down the absolute best product Line 6 has ever put on the market.

I was only pointing out that there are other machines out there now and in the past that try and do, or even say they do, what the M13 actually does. In that respect the M13 is unique.

I was in no way trying to dispute you; I was being more cheeky than anything else

Re: M9 vs M13
by bayoubill on 2009-12-19 19:52:12.0740

A sales person couldn't have said it better. Thanks for your help!

Re: M9 vs M13
by strat_callaway on 2009-12-20 14:14:54.4330

As others have said, there's no difference in terms of easier to use or not. I've used the M13 for just over a year and when I briefly swapped with my friend for his M9, I found the M9 maybe slightly weird to get used to, but not hard. I think the M13 is easier due to the 4 screens and dedicated buttons for everything (instead of having to press two buttons at once to get to some features). But if you never used an M13, you'd think the M9 is the easiest thing you've ever used.

I'm in the process of trying to step "down" to the M9 because I need to make my rig smaller, but the only disadvantage I think I will have is with the looper function. The M9 requires holding a button for 2 seconds in order to go into the looper. Once in the looper, you have to hold the looper button 2 seconds to get out of it (while it's still looping) in order to switch effects on and off. On the M13, however, not only is it an instant button that takes you to the looper, but you can also turn on/off the last active effect in each FX unit (each column of buttons). I think if you are stepping into the M9 new, this wouldn't make a difference. I am only hesitant about it because an arrangement I played for a song last spring (only once!) required the M13 functionality. I would have had to do something different if I had the M9.

Re: M9 vs M13
by bayoubill on 2011-07-21 16:14:56.7750

I bought an M5. I LOVE IT !effects layout.JPG

Re: M9 vs M13
by creekhed on 2011-07-27 07:26:56.2970

I've had both... The M13 is easier for two reasons already posted (The looper functions and 4 screens!). PLUS... you get another row of effects and another preset in each row!!! (HUGE!)

BUT I recently SOLD my M13 and went with a modeling amp...a Peavey Vypyr with built in effects. I HAD TO do this for economic reasons. after a couple of months and two gigsI found the Vypyr effects were barely passable. The M13 effects simply BLEW IT AWAY!

So... now I am using the Clean Fender Twin model along with a NEW M13!!!

...HAD TO get back to what worked! M13 RULES! (as long as ya get one that does not cycle as I have had one of thos as well!)

Bottom line: The Line 6 M13 is so good I bought another!

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