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Power for Variax 700 electric
by rkteach on 2009-12-24 19:16:11.9720

Hi, im looking at purchasing a voicelive, voicetone harmony g tx. but i own a Variax 700 electric and a pod x3 live, the vocal effects need a live guitar line. so my question is, if im using the pod x3 live to power my guitar; can i have the 1/4 jack go out and give sound to the vocal processor? i dont have any other equipment here to test this right now as im not in my studio.

Re: Power for Variax 700 electric
by brue58ski on 2009-12-24 21:37:33.5450

In the case of my Variax 500, I get noise when I do what you describe.  But I believe other people have had good luck with it.  Unfortunately you won't know until you actually try it with your guitar.  At the very least, I wouldn't count on it.

Re: Power for Variax 700 electric
by silverhead on 2009-12-25 06:59:10.5430

You have 2 options for the 1/4"out signal to your vocal processor from the Variax: you can take it unprocessed direct from the Variax 1/4"out, or processed from the X3 1/4"out.  In my setup the Variax signal from my X3 Live 1/4" out is clean, but like the previous poster I seem to get some inexplicable noise from the Variax 1/4" out when it's powered by my X3L. I suggest you test them both for noise and preference.

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