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I bought Guitar Port XT
by Stuntaxe on 2009-12-29 23:09:52.3910

I bought Guitar Port XT, works great sounds good but it is all useless. It does not do a thing I bought it for!

How come I can not record with RiffWorks? Why is it a non working version of Riff Works 1.0 which is a Demo Version that came in the box? The Riff Works Label shows clearly on the CD that RiffWorks is on the disk and so does the box and does not even tell me it is Demo software! It seems to be the only way that has any possibility to record anything using Guitar Port XT.

This is not the impression all the reviews about your product left me with. From the reviews I read online they talk about Guitar Port make's recording your music easy.

How is it easy when I can not record with it and you give me Demo software? DO I have to buy something else to actually record what I hear?

Incredibly dissapointed here. DO I have any alternatives at all to recording what I hear when using GuitarPort/GearBox or am I required to buy RiffTracker? I should not have to buy the Riff Tracker Software, no where was I told that Riff Tracker in the box is Demo software.

So whats the deal here?


RE: I bought Guitar Port XT
by ricksox on 2009-12-31 09:45:21.4280


What color was the box that the GuitarPort came in? Was it green or red? I just double checked the $99 dollar version of our GuitarPort box and I couldn't find where it said that a full version of Riffworks came with it.

If your GuitarPort came in a green box then you should have gotten a full version of Riffworks with it.

There is a free version of RW called Riffworks T4 that you can download and use immediately with your GuitarPort.

You can download it at

There are also a few other recording apps that you can download for free. Check out Audacity and Kristal.


Re: I bought Guitar Port XT
by bdjoseph on 2010-01-03 09:30:36.1130

muy bien pero necesito descagar guitar por, te le recomindo

Re: RE: I bought Guitar Port XT
by keeganreed on 2012-09-07 17:03:04.1600

Isn't GuitarPort compatable with Reason 6 software?

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