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Adding Midi footswitch to Pocket Pod for patch changes
by kahuna2000 on 2009-12-30 08:01:13.4150

I've been unable to find much info about adding Midi footswitch capability to the Pocket Pod.  I'm posting this to show how I was able to do this but I am always looking for a better way.

Here are my steps:

1. Connected Pocket Pod via USB to laptop.  Pocket Pod defaults to Midi channel 1.  Verified that Vysex Editor can communicate and edit patches, etc.

2. Connected a midi footswitch (an ADA MC-1) to a Midi-to-USB interface (a M-Audio Midisport Uno) and plugged into 2nd USB port on laptop.  Set midi footswitch to Midi channel 1.

3. I loaded a program on laptop that allows the midifootswitch to talk to the Pocket Pod.  I'm using a very old program called Midithruway but many midi sequencer programs have this capability (such as freebie Anvil Studio which I verified works).  The laptop sees the two separate USB connections as USB Uno Midi In (footswitch - set to Midi In) and USB Audio Device (Pocket Pod - set to Midi Out).

Now I can randomly select Pocket Pod patches with the footswitch.  Please advise if there are other ways.  I like this other setup on youtube (link below) but haven't been able to find out much info on it.  Also, I would prefer to be able to select the actual patch number, as my setup does, rather than increment/decrement through the patches, but I like the direct to Pocketpod connection.

RE: Adding Midi footswitch to Pocket Pod for patch changes
by ricksox on 2009-12-31 09:06:04.5720


We never intended the Pocket POD to be controlled via MIDI so it looks like you found a pretty viable workaround.


Re: Adding Midi footswitch to Pocket Pod for patch changes
by dzobels on 2010-01-06 23:07:34.5420

Hey, Kahuna

I"ve had my Pocket Pod for a week or so and here"s what I"ve found (in addition to this dumb forum engine won"t accept appostrophes for some reason)

I used my MIDI sequencer to find that the PP receives and responds to at least the following controllers:

Patch Change for patches numbered 0 through 127.  I haven"t tried LSB or MSB control commands yet (usually used in expanded MIDI modules like Roland & Yamaha to select the additional variation patches) but I'm guessing they'll work and the full 300 and some patch set only needs to be mapped -- to bad Line 6 didn't do this)

Volume (CC 7) from 0 to 127. . .you can do swells with it on my sequencer, so a pedal controller can be programmed for it, Select Wah  (CC 91) Wah on (or off when repeated) (CC 43) and the sweep from 0 to 127.  Wahs like a champ if I'm strumming with my sequencer going to send the commands, so, again, a pedal controller can be programmed for it.  There is standard Line 6 MIDI implimentation that applies to the Pocket Pod for selecting amp model changes and effects on and off with parameters.  Line 6 includes the Pocket Pod in the charts, so why the Line 6 folks on here have been acting like this is impossible is beyond me.  Any programmable MIDI foot controller (they're not particularly cheap) can be programmed to drive it as long as it sees the Pocket Pod as a MIDI connection.

Re: Adding Midi footswitch to Pocket Pod for patch changes
by PsicraftTony on 2010-01-06 23:22:43.1630

Sorry D, but MIDI bank select commands are not supported by Pocket POD - If they were the editor would have used them to select banks other than USER. All you get is MIDI program changes 0-127 to select the user presets.

As for why we haven't been leaping to broadcast all of this information before you, recall that Pocket POD only has a USB MIDI connector, which means anyone who wants to use a MIDI controller needs to use a whole computer as the junction box to connect the controller to the Pocket POD. Not only is this a relatively complicated thing for a typical user to set up, it definitely goes against the idea of Pocket POD being a totally portable (pocket carried and battery powered) product that is quick and simple to use.

Still, anyone who figures all these details out and uses them to make more quality music kicks butt in our book. Keep it up!


Re: Adding Midi footswitch to Pocket Pod for patch changes
by dekstar42 on 2010-02-28 08:53:12.3220

What about this, is it the same method also for sale here I found this all on a forum. How did this guy do it

Re: Adding Midi footswitch to Pocket Pod for patch changes
by kahuna2000 on 2010-02-28 09:05:06.4810

See for related information.

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