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Line6 TonePort KB 37 Crashes Computer
by itsrek on 2009-12-30 21:02:49.7960

Every time I plug my midi(KB37) into my computer it crashes my computer. I installed the newest driver still does the same thing. Can anyone help me out? What I need to do to fix it?

RE: Line6 TonePort KB 37 Crashes Computer
by darealagentp on 2009-12-31 12:50:58.4300


Unplug your KB37. Please try downloading and installing this Driver:

Also, please try the other USB ports on your computer (other than the one you were using previously). Did this help you out?



Re: RE: Line6 TonePort KB 37 Crashes Computer
by jimfaris on 2010-01-09 16:16:45.7680

UGH!  having the same problem, but i'm on a Mac. downloading asn exe does me no good.

Re: RE: Line6 TonePort KB 37 Crashes Computer
by musick7 on 2011-01-31 19:11:22.3370

Got a question,

I'm using an Intel iMac with the i3 processor. I just installed the TONEPORT KB37 software that came with the keyboard… "Gear Box" "Red CD" before I plugged in the USB and on a BRAND NEW HARD DRIVE.

I also added the LIVE LITE5 TOOLS that also came with the keyboard. However it CRASHES my Mac every time I hookup the KB37.

Could you please LINK the MAC OS X Link you added above?



Let me detail what I did exactly.

1) Installed GEAR BOX, (No other App was RUNNING while I did this.)

2) After Fresh install it restarted and opened up the software. I logged in and checked for a newer version. "It didn't have ANY"

3) After installing gear box, I installed the Live Lite5 CD software by dragging it to my MAC HDD. "Just as it said to do"

4) Shut down and plugged in the USB to the keyboard, Powered UP. CRASHED almost after turning it on.

5) Tried again… SAME.

6) Logged into LINE6 Website, and asked this Question/Request for link.

Have a great day!

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