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Gear Box Standalone works great; Pod Farm Plug In is "silent"
by benzbagel on 2010-01-01 08:52:57.2110

In my never ending quest to get the Pod Farm plug in and model packs I bought to work in my DAW, I have been doing more troubleshooting.  The results are interesting (to me) but inconclusive (to me).  I am hoping another user or the Line6 staff can interpret.

I have a PODXT, a Vista 32 machine with 4 gig RAM and a quad core AMD CPU, Cubase 5, a licensed Pod Farm plug in, and all the model packs.  Since Cubase can be a little tempermental with some plug ins, I cross checked my results with EnergyXT, which is super flexible and compatible with plug ins.  I don't use the PODXT as my sound card, since I need more inputs and outputs, so when recording POD tones I use the analog output of the POD into one of my line in inputs.  (Or I mic up a real amp and turn off the AIR function on the POD, which is a great feature.)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, updated the firmware in the POD and everything else the Monkey indicated, and used multiple USB ports in my testing.

Here are my results.

1.  Gearbox standalone works great as a control device.  It can see the pod, I can dial up my tones, and use the tuner function.

2.  Gearbox plug in -- don't know.  Cannot buy a license any longer :-(

3.  Pod Farm Stand Alone -- doesn't work, and shouldn't.  It's not made for use with the PODXT.  (I really really really hope this changes in the future.)

4.  Pod Farm Plug in -- shows up in the DAW, indicates that there is a licensed PODXT connected, and appears to let me shape tones.....  but doesn't actually impact the sound of the recording or the playback.  This happens both in Cubase and EnergyXT.  (Twice in the past, with LOTS of fiddling and rolling back of drivers to old versions etc I was able to get it to work for a short while, but that was a temporary thing.)

I would really love to solve #4!

(And I really hope that #3 is in the works.)

RE: Gear Box Standalone works great; Pod Farm Plug In is "silent"
by ricksox on 2010-01-06 15:37:42.1160


Thanks for posting all of this useful information.

I have not run across this with Cubase.

Can you take me through step by step how you insert the plug in on a track in Cubase?

I'm not aware of any bugs with POD Farm and Cubase 5 but if we need to, I can have our QA department test this. Thanks.


Re: RE: Gear Box Standalone works great; Pod Farm Plug In is "silent"
by benzbagel on 2010-01-07 09:00:55.5310

Sorry, I guess I didn't make this clear.  This same situation also occurred with another DAW/sequencer, named EnergyXT.  So I do not think this is a Cubase 5 problem. 

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