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expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by atomised on 2010-01-01 11:35:44.1830


I am looking for an expression pedal for the M13, and the Boss Fv 500 seems to be suitable but am not sure whether to get the 500H or 500L. I have read some posts saying get the 500L and somewere else saying the 500H. Can someone confirm which is the better or suggest an alternative.

Thanks in advance

RE: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by AParedes on 2010-01-05 16:34:07.3540

The supported Expression pedal is the EX-1. See the following link for more information:


Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by jordan4168 on 2010-01-14 09:16:29.2620

There are a few expression pedals that will work.  I have personally used BOSS fv-500L (I heard with the 500H you don't get as good of range as you would with the 500L).  Also Ernie ball JR 25k.  If you are interested, I have a BOSS FV-500L that I'm looking to sell.  I'm going to be putting up on ebay in the next day or so, but if your interested we could work out a deal.

Here is an old list of pedals that do and do not work:


Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k ohm (log pot)

Line 6 EX-1

Roland EV-5

Boss FV-500L

Boss FV-500H

unknow needs confirmation:

Kurzweil CC-1 (10K linear pot, 45 bucks, likely compatible)

TC Electronics X1 (25k ohm Logpot, $130 (!), likely compatible)

Pigtronix EP-1 Expression Pedal (20k pot unknown taper, metal construction, around 50 bucks, likely compatible)

Not Compatible:

Yamaha  FC-7

Ernie Ball VP JR Passive 250K & 6166

Any wah wah pedal

Morley volume Pedals

Behringer FCV100

M-Audio EXP

Rocktron Hex

Moog EP-2 (it is possible to swap the internal pot with a 16mm pot, though it might take some fabrication skills. This is not recommended for the inexperienced.)

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by teddybut on 2010-01-14 10:04:24.8770

and the MOOG MP-201.... wow... I love that thing, it fires up the M13

you can make your own LFO's with it, all kinds of whacky things come out of the M13 when you have an external LFO

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by jpdennis on 2010-01-20 14:48:14.9860

I have ordered two pedals (1 red & 1 black as I an visual ) from mission engineering.  They have a spec specific for the Line 6 product.  They even pre calibrate them, from what I have been told.  However, until I receive then this weekend everything is an unknown about 100% capatibility.


Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by joerutledge on 2010-03-11 10:57:03.2440

Thanks for the tip on Mission Engineering. Much appreciated!

"The EP1-L6 is designed as a plug and play expression pedal for Line 6 processors. Featuring the same all metal construction and high quality components as the other Mission pedals, but with a circuit optimized for best performance with the Line 6 interface, the Mission EP1-L6 is a great companion to the many Line 6 processors such as the Pod XT Live, Pod X3 Live and M series stomp box modelers. The EP1-L6  will plug in anywhere you would use a Line 6 EX-1 pedal."

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by ruzz311 on 2010-07-08 15:04:30.6790

I'm a bit of a late-comer to the M13 train, but man it feels good to be here.  Just wanted to give a quick thanks for this thread - about to pick up an expression pedal and was wondering what would be compatible.  Local shop say's I'm more than welcome to bring in my pedal and test out a few different pedals so if I remember anything that isn't posted here, I'll try to send an update!  THANKS AGAIN!

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by stratovari on 2010-07-08 22:19:24.0640

Seems both Boss pedals work fine with the m13.

But The FV-500H ist the one for guitar as the L version is for keyboards etc..

Bset you try and compare. I have the 500H myself and it works very good.


Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by Matlevo12 on 2010-09-17 03:09:31.7170


(first, please excuse me if me english is bad, especially when I'll try to use "technical" terms)

I  bought a M-audio ex-p to use with my m13, mainly because the guy at the  store assured me it would work properly and... well it doesn't.

BUT, before returning it I opened it to see if there was trick, just in case.

There  is one, and I know it's cheap (40$ top?) and made out of plastic, but  YOU CAN MAKE THE M-AUDIO EX-P COMPATIBLE WITH THE M13!

What  they did is put a 1kOhm resistance just after the main potentiometer...  and It prevents you from using it with the M9/M13, in the sense that you  won't be able to get the 0 or the maximum setting with your pedal,  depending on witch polarity you set (the little M-audio/Other switch on  the bottom of the pedal)

All  you need to do is grab a sloding iron, take this little crap out and  connect the two points (i used solder but a small electrical wire would  probably look cleaner).


I'm  not asking for the M-audio pedal to be added to the "compatible" list,  but just take that into account if you want to save wome money.

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by blahblahdeleter on 2010-09-17 06:25:50.5070

I'm looking for advice and opinions on this:

I've got a Mission pedal (EP-1 L6) and it works great as an expression pedal for my M13. I've also found myself wanting a "global" volume foot pedal and so am seriously considering the Boss 500H for that purpose. I'll use it between the guitar and the M13 because I want trailing delay, etc.

Here's my question really - Boss advertises that you can also use (instead of as a volume pedal) the 500H as an expression pedal. That appeals to me - it would give me the option in my setup to have two expression pedals (Mission and Boss) or one expression and one volume (Mission and Boss). Is my thinking right on the Boss working as an expression pedal also? I've read some things about folks having problems with the 500H and the M13 about reverse polarity, etc. Does anyone have definitive advice for using the Boss 500H as an expression pedal?

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by gruver75 on 2012-04-02 16:47:44.2130


Like you said, Today I have bought the Boss FV-500L.

I came back home and plugged wiht a mono Cable the FV500L to my M13.

Ok The pedal Works, but in opposite mode. When I push the maximum the Efx like Wah go to the minimum value and Viceversa.

I must to reprogram every time I change the FX.

Do you know how and If exist a way to change this way. I tried even to solder in opposite mode the cable but anything has changed.

Can You help me, or i think that i must to buy the Ugly EX1.

For me the line6 should to update the software to can permit to use other pedals. Is a good thing for them, not a bad one.

Ciao and Thanx a lot


Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by phil_m on 2012-04-03 06:26:32.0470

It's not a matter of updating the software to accept other pedals. It's a pure hardware issue. The expression pedal input was designed for a pedal using a specific potentiometer value, so using pedals that use pots with that value is the only way to ensure the expression will actually work correctly. If you want a heavier duty pedal than the EX1, I suggest you check out the Mission Engineering EP1-L6.

Re: expression pedal for m13 boss fv-500/H or L
by gruver75 on 2012-04-20 17:44:41.6060

Hello There,

I'm again Peewee (Gruver75)

So I bought the BOSS FV500L. I am came home. plugged in my M13.

YES IT WORKS, but in the opposite way. If I push the maximum, the efxs go to minimum and viceversa.

I modify my BOSS FV500L, changing the pin of the Potenziometer. I soldered two fly cables to the Exp Input Jack to the Other two pins of the pot.

The middle and the pin that you can see farer from the Circuit. If somebody needs some picture I can open again and take some shot.

Thanx and by

The Mission are beautiful pedals. But They have the Cry Baby Chassis and cost double price rispect the Cry Baby.


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