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More jam tracks/drum beats??
by nicb115 on 2010-01-03 20:00:35.9190

Where can i get some more jam tracks/drum beats??  This is a fine peace of equipment, i got it a year ago, and i have 22 full songs. Just want to know if theres any software update, or a 3rd party where i can get more tracks.  Thanks

Re: More jam tracks/drum beats??
by thekidkid32 on 2010-01-04 16:23:17.3320

The great thing about the looper is that you can get them anywhere.  As long as you have an SD card.  Search google for backing tracks, download them, and convert them to .WAV, 16 bit, 44100 hz, mono.  You can use the free program Audacity for doing all that.  There's tons of stuff out there, if you're a fan of David Gilmour you can start out here:, that's where I started.

Re: More jam tracks/drum beats??
by line6lm on 2010-01-22 16:47:40.2210

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