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Help with connecting Spider Valve MKII into extention cabinet
by dwmcginty on 2010-01-07 10:03:33.5400

Hey, im new to the forums and have found lots of information on here but, tbh, i have no idea what im doing when im using amps and cabinets, I dont understand the OHMS at all!!! And tbh i probably never will XD

Well yes... anyway... I am thinking of buying a Spider Valve MKII 212 combo amp Cos i have a spider III, and wanted to buy a spider iv, but decided to save for the tube version! Anyway... on the back on the SV, it has 2 output thingy mabobs, A (8ohms single out i think), and B (4ohms single, or 8 ohms pair).... Now this is my question...

Can I use the 2 speakers in the combo AS WELL AS the 2 speakers in a 2X12 extention cabinet? so... is sorta makes a half stack sort of XD

If I can, please can you explain what the OHMS has to be on the back on the cab, and also, what wattage? Cos i dont really know these things And can someone explain what stereo and mono is on a cabinet? Cos i dont understand?

I found this 2X12 extention cabinet.

A Marshall MC212 - I has 2 12 inch speakers, 130 W, its mono ohms is 4, and its stereo ohms is 8 (i dont understand this)

Ive attached a picture of the back of the cab

If this cabinet can't be used can you please suggest ones which will? (Budget for cab is up to £300), and also what should I look for in the cab like the OHMS and stuff

I really appreciate any help you can give me, thanks

Re: Help with connecting Spider Valve MKII into extention cabinet
by cgtrox on 2010-01-07 11:52:39.3450

Yes, sort of. The 2x12 combo has two 16 ohm V30's wired in parallel like so....


2 x 8 ohm speakers = 4 ohm load

2 x 16 ohm speakers = 8 ohm load

and so...    (it doesn't match the pic exact but the end result is the same)

making it a single 8 ohm load which is why they are using the "A" speaker output. Now the cab you showed has the option of two 8 ohm seperate loads or a 4 ohm mono load. So, the cab is wired in parallel as well meaning there are two 8 ohm speakers inside. If you want to run that speaker cab in conjunction with the internal speakers I would not recommend it. You will first have to move the plug from "A" to "B" and then find another cab with output for an 8 ohm load and plug it into "B" as well. Or, you could just use ONE of the 8 ohm speakers in your cab in conjunction so you will have three speakers going. NEVER PLUG SPEAKERS INTO "A" AND "B" AT THE SAME TIME!!


Re: Help with connecting Spider Valve MKII into extention cabinet
by dwmcginty on 2010-01-08 13:15:01.6660

Hey, thanks for the quick response Found it really helpful thanks

So I found an amp called a HARLEY BENTON G212 VINTAGE, and ive attached a picture of the back of it, and one of the inputs in 8 ohms mono, so correct me if Im wrong... On the Valve MKII, i plug the internal speaker cable into the B section, and then with an speaker cable connect the OTHER B connection to the Harley Benton Extension cabinet??? Does this work?

And one more question (Sorry about all of them ) if I plug into mono, does that mean only one speaker will work? I, again, appreciate anything you can tell me Thankyou

Re: Help with connecting Spider Valve MKII into extention cabinet
by cgtrox on 2010-01-08 19:25:42.8460

Perfect! That's it man, just plug both into the "B" output of the Spider valve. The only thing the "mono" setting does is allow you to use ALL of the speakers in the cab with one speaker cable. The stereo split allows you to seperate the speakers in that cab.


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