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Vetta Battery?
by eallstott on 2010-01-09 23:03:11.7770

hello, i am searching for a battery as it seems the one in my vetta 2 has died.  non of the settings will hold from session to session.  i still love this amp and even after all these years with it- i have found nothing that competes.  i call it "my infinity generator"!  i digress...  life would be better with that battery though.  so if anyone has a lead on one- please email me at  thank you!

Re: Vetta Battery?
by rullian on 2010-01-12 08:28:25.1280

I've been researching this issue as well. I've read conflicting reports on the location of this battery and the work required to replace it. I've read that it's hardwired into the board and only line 6 can replace it - which is odd. Why would line6 hardwire a battery that will eventually need replacement? Makes no sense to me. I've also read that you should always unplug your cable from the input jack to preserve battery life. Not sure if that's correct either. Anyone with clear info on where the battery is located, what type of battery (size, brand name, anything), where we can purchase the battery, and, most importantly, how to replace it would be very much appreciated. Also, does anyone know how long the battery lasts with normal use?

Re: Vetta Battery?
by rullian on 2010-01-12 08:29:47.6350

Here's another threaed that may help with our questions:

Re: Vetta Battery?
by eallstott on 2010-01-12 12:14:00.0920

spoke with Line6 today.  tech told me it is CR2430 3P-TH.  i found the CR2430 battery at batteries plus here in town for four dollars.  BP didn't know what the 3P-TH meant, but i suspect it is the little tab soldered to the top of the battery.  Line6 tech told me i could unsolder the old assembly and solder a new one in.  i'll post results of how it goes...

Re: Vetta Battery?
by rullian on 2010-01-12 12:17:52.3400

eallstott: That would be awesome if you post images- although I'm willing to bet there are a few here (including me) who would be hesitant to take a soldering gun to their vetta. Thanks, dude!

Re: Vetta Battery?
by eallstott on 2010-01-14 13:03:19.5270

so i did it.  this is not for the faint of heart, and i don't assume any responsibility if you cook your amp.  do this at your own risk!


1. get head out of cab

2. separate the top and bottom halves of head (5 allen screws)

3. unplug wire harnesses that keep the two halves together and others that are in the way

4. find battery.  there are clips soldered or pressed onto both sides of battery, which are in turn soldered to board

5. melt solder on the visible clip and pry clip pins from the receiving holes

6. pry battery up from board.  there is solder and silicone you are working against here.  if it feels like you are going to break something you are doing it right.

7. keep wiggling battery in all directions to break pin on underside of battery from board.

8. cut three pieces small gage wire into 3 or 4 inch lengths and strip ends back a quarter inch.

9. solder one end of one wire to bottom of new battery (scrape battery surface first) and solder the other end into the receiving hole on board

10. solder the ends of the other two peices of wire into the two holes the first clip was in, and then solder them together onto the top of battery.

11. put a voltmeter on the negative and positive board terminations so you can make sure your soldering was effective.

11. reassemble, plug it in, and resume rocking.

by substituting the clips with wire you have made an easy job of this the next time your battery dies.

good luck!

Re: Vetta Battery?
by rullian on 2010-01-14 17:35:42.9280

Wow. Congrats, buddy. Very impressive. You are more of a man than I. For the record, the designers at line6 should be kicked for making it so difficult to replace a battery. no offense- I love my vetta (and pod and flextone...) but, couldn't the battery just be a little easier to replace? At least so that no soldering is required? I can swap out hard drives from my G5 in under a minute. Replacing a battery should be simple as well. Good thing the amp sounds incredible!

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