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Spider IV 75 and MKII Express Issues
by bogeys85 on 2010-01-13 06:09:35.6000

I recently (Dec. 26 '09) purchased a new Spider IV 75, and yesterday I purchased a MKII Express.  I hooked up the pedal to the amp, n nothing.  I could hear a relay click and that was it.  Tried disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times, tried different Cat-5 cable as well, NO GO.  I downloaded the Monkey software and updated the pedal and also calibrated the pedal, NO GO.  When I attempt to update the Spider IV it is not recognized.  I can go into MIDI devices and choose Spider IV (however there is no Spider IV 75, there seems to be one for every other amp model) then when I attempt to update firmware I get an error like 8000000A or something along those lines.  The Spider already has version 1.0.4.  I have attempted resetting the Amp and in the process lost all my settings.  I also read another post that said to attempt placing amp in test mode, NO GO!!  I have also un installed Monkey and re-installed as well as tried EVERY USB port on my PC.  It seems to me that the problem lies with the Amp itself as I am able to do everthing correctly with the MKII Express even able to access it with Line 6 FBV Control.  I am not computer illiterate and am fairly technical, as my job is an Electronics Technician, however I realize that many times it is the simplest things overlooked!!  Please advise as today is my day off and I am waiting for Guitar Center to open up at 11 am CST, but I don't care to drive the 45 minutes if it is a simple fix!!  Thank you for your assistance!!

Re: Spider IV 75 and MKII Express Issues
by Line6Hugo on 2010-01-20 11:25:17.1400

Have you attempted to re-calibrate the Express after re-installing the flash?

-Press and hold down the “D” labeled footswitch while you “power on” your FBV (by connecting to your computer’s USB port, or Line 6 device with which you plan on using your FBV). Upon release of the D footswitch, the FBV Tuner’s numerical display will read “1”.

• Press the on-board expression pedal forward fully and hold down pedal’s Toe Switch until the Tuner display changes to “2”. This should occur instantly.

• While holding the pedal in the “heel” (minimum) position, press & release the D footswitch. The Tuner display will change to “3”.

• Move the pedal to the toe (maximum) position, without clicking the Toe Switch. Allow the pedal to rest in the toe position (maximum) and press & release the D button. The 7 LEDs above the Tuner’s numerical display will light.

• Move the pedal and verify that the LEDs above the Tuner’s numerical display sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and all sequentially light up when the pedal is moved to the maximum position.

• If your 7 LEDs do not light up as described, then try repeating these calibration steps. If your LEDs light up correctly, then calibration was successful - power off your FBV and power it back on and you are ready to go.

Let us know if this procedure fixes anything.

Also, if you are still unable to re-install the flash memory, there may be a hardware problem with the amp and should be taken to an authorized service center:



Re: Spider IV 75 and MKII Express Issues
by bogeys85 on 2010-01-20 14:49:36.6400

Gee, thank you so much for the wonderful help!!!  ONE WEEK LATER!!!  Such great technical support!!  I returned my AMP and pedal to the store A WEEK AGO!!  We plugged the pedal into a Spider IV 30 and it worked, therefore we assumed that it was the amp.  I convinced them to give me a new amp, only to return home and find out it still did not work!!!  OH, by the way if you had read my post you would have known that I HAD calibrated the pedal MANY times.  As it turns out you LINE6 have a problem with your equipment, and an even larger problem with your customer support!!  The pedal works absolutely fine with a 30 watt model but doesn't with the 75 watt!!!  Thank you for NOTHING!!!  I understand it is just business and you really do not care about some hobbyist guitar player, however, I actually like the products.  Too bad I WILL NOT purchase any more!!

Thanks for your expeditious response (loaded with sarcasm)


Re: Spider IV 75 and MKII Express Issues
by deadloak on 2010-01-21 04:51:29.2180

I understand your anger at getting a dud, I had no issues using the same combination of devices. Since you followed the set up and calibration documentation, then I'd agree that one of the units is faulty, and the item(s) should be replaced. Take both into the store, and confirm they work together before leaving. If no joy ask for your money back, and go elsewhere with your money.

Re: Spider IV 75 and MKII Express Issues
by bogeys85 on 2010-01-21 07:27:20.8230

This post, question, is NOT answered!!  I repeat NOT ANSWERED!!  And probably will not be either if Line6's tech support is unable to read the question!!  I have resolved the problemwith my FBV II Express and Spider IV 75 amp, however it was with no assistance from Line6!!  Thanks for nothing!!  Possibly if Line6 was concerned they may inquire more as to the ODD problem I had encountered.  But as with the majority of companies, as long as they get their money they do not care!!  Well, that only lasts so long!!



Re: Spider IV 75 and MKII Express Issues
by dicdoc on 2010-01-21 17:20:19.9510

To Brian -

I understand your anger. I am not a line 6 employee but I just bought the same pedal and have the 75 w amp. I am waiting to go to the store tomorrow and pick up a a-b usb cable as I do not have one here and did not get one with either piece of equipment. My question to you is, if you resolved the problem, please state what you did to resolve it in case I have the same problem. I would appreciate it very much or you can PM/email me. Thanks.

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