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Flextone II HD overheating?
by zemouk on 2010-01-13 15:01:57.6320

Hi there, well I just bought a half stack amp and the I have a feeling that there's something wrong with the amp head. Basically when the powers plugged in (with it on or off) there's a strong smell of burning, or at least electronics getting hot, I notice there are 2 big heat sinks on the back but the smell is that bad that it's giving me a headache, I had to unplug the head all together. Is this normal?? The amp head is a 'Line 6 Flextone II HD'. I don't know much about amp heads or electronics!!!

Re: Flextone II HD overheating?
by zemouk on 2010-01-13 15:36:59.8370

Also just read somewhere that I need to connect the cab with 2 cables, yet the seller stated to use 1 cable from the head to the amp. I found this article:

[quote]"I've never had any problems with it, but I know that you absolutely MUST have the head connected in stereo (two speaker cables). Otherwise, it's only a matter of time before the motherboard fries and makes the room its in smell like burned plastic for a few days. I've seen this happen to someone at a show. I'm sure there are at least a few posts in here mentioning the head frying within the first few days after purchase. These incidents occured only because the head was connected using only one speaker cable or the cab was switched to mono or something. Otherwise, the head is very solid; just make sure your running in stereo because if not eventually (maybe sooner, maybe later) you'll fry. By the way it sounds really good in stereo, especially the effects."[/quote]

Re: Flextone II HD overheating?
by zemouk on 2010-01-14 00:13:14.7950

Hi there, well I have sorted it now!! I got another cable for the right channel so it's stereo, seems odd the guy was using the amp in mono when the cab is actually stereo. Maybe because the patch leads are dear, hmm who knows!!

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