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UX1 Sound out issue
by dmarinakis on 2010-01-15 20:09:49.3960


I recently purchased the Toneport UX1, It was working fine for about a week and for some reason while i was Playing/Recording the sound suddenly stoped and i could not hear any Guitar monitored through my headphones.

I Restarted the computer and still had the same issue, no sound coming from my UX1, I could only bearly hear the Guitar if i turned the volume knob to its maximum and still it was practically in audible.

I had it checked by my local Line 6 Admin and they said after inspection everything was fine. So when i got the UX1 back i tired installing it and podfarm on a diffferent computer, and it worked perfectally.

But on my first computer I still have the same issue, I have tired un-installing and installing, My drivers were up to date when it first broke.

Does anyone know or one of the Line 6 personal know what could be causing this on one computer?

The most strange thing to me is that i was playing my guitar and it just suddenly stoped working while i was playing, any help will be greatly appreciated


RE: UX1 Sound out issue
by ricksox on 2010-01-22 15:34:11.6760


Were you still getting an input signal into POD Farm when your audio cut out?

Did you actually try reinstalling the drivers on your PC when this first happened? It sounds like it could have been a driver glitch.


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