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Questions about POD Farm Platinum and Pro Tools and Foot Controllers
by gogomonster on 2010-01-16 05:59:39.1250


I am thinking about buying POD Farm Platinum I am mainly interested in the stomp box and cab simulation I think... Although I will probably use the amp simulation as well... I already have a number of physical amps and I use Palmer PDI-03 to interface these to M-Audio Project I/O and then into Pro Tools M-Powered 8. So here are my questions:

  • Can I use my Pro Tools iLok for POD Farm Platinum?
  • I guess it works with M-Powered version of Pro-Tools
  • Can I apply stomp box and cab simulation to my physical amp signal? So there would be no amp simulation active.
  • I also started looking at Foot Controllers here is a list of the ones I looked at: I am not sure if they work with POD Farm? Is it easy to set them up? Are there any presets?
    • Roland FC300
    • Behringer FCB1010
    • Yamaha MFC10
    • Tech21 MIDI Moose
    • IK Multimedia StealthBoard
    • Is there a Line 6 one?

I also have a Akai MPD32 which I use with BFD2. But I guess I could use the knobs for stop box adjustment?

Many thanks,


RE: Questions about POD Farm Platinum and Pro Tools and Foot Controllers
by ricksox on 2010-01-27 12:02:35.4740


I'm not sure if your Pro Tools iLok will work. You should double check that with Digidesign.

POD Farm does not support MIDI so you cannot control it with any foot controllers. Also, there is no way to activate cab impulses without having an amp to go with it.


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