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What Happened to the Custom Tone Site?
by daygo140 on 2010-01-16 07:09:47.7460

Whatever your website admin did to the custom tone site causes visitors HUGE headaches.  I cannot get only the tones compatible with my pocket POD.  It's a HUGE pain in the butt to search and sort and only show pocket pod compatible tones.  I spent almost an hour downloading tones to only get two or three among the whole bunch I downloaded that are even compatible with my device let alone ones that have that sound I'm looking for.  Please fix.  If not, I will not spend the money to upgrade to a XT Live if I have to deal with way!

RE: What Happened to the Custom Tone Site?
by ricksox on 2010-01-22 16:14:43.2270


Can you tell me exactly what trouble you are having?

I was able to click on the following link and just click on the Pocket POD picture and it took me to all compatible tones for Pocket POD.


Re: RE: What Happened to the Custom Tone Site?
by jamiedashnay on 2010-01-30 08:38:21.4900

I'm having the same trouble i open line 6 edit click the online button and go to search custom tones and i get this

The website declined to show this webpage

HTTP 403

Most likely causes:

  • This website requires you to log in.

What you can try:

Go back to the previous page.

More informationMore information

ps. Im logged in

Re: RE: What Happened to the Custom Tone Site?
by Jrush612 on 2012-08-30 19:46:20.9630

I would like to know what happened to the tones you could get through gearbox for your pod xt live.....says it is not supported and the site gives you the option of custom tones link......I am having a hard time getting one that is compatible with my xt live. too many drop down choices, not sure which is the proper one.

Re: RE: What Happened to the Custom Tone Site?
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-31 05:34:50.7410

the gearbox tones were part of guitar port online that was closed i believe.

just go to select your hardware and choose your tones.

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