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Any prospect of updated amp models?
by neilbertuk on 2010-01-16 11:58:57.9480

Now that Amplitube 3 has been announced - and damn tasty it sounds too - is it time for Line 6 to finally update their amp and effect models. These are pretty long in the tooth now and they are still a lot of fun but I'm finding I'm using them less and less as Amplitube's models get better and better. Line 6 have been such pioneers in this field that it would be a shame for them to be rendered obsolete, C'mon gi=uys, you know it makes sense!

Re: Any prospect of updated amp models?
by LeonardoCastro on 2010-01-16 17:55:11.8830

It seems to be Line 6 will release new effects for X3 soon:

I gess this new effects will be inside a new POD FARM version (or even in a Model Pack for Toneports and POD STUDIOS).

Until now, at least, they didn't talk anything about new amp models...

I've got an X3L and a Toneport UX1.

Yesterday, I've asked about the new effects for Toneports and POD STUDIOS:

But no answer yet...

I've just opened another thread (in X3 area) showing two Amplitube 3's videos found on You Tube:

I'm very impressed as well...

Let's wait and see what will be the next Line 6's move.



Re: Any prospect of updated amp models?
by carltonec on 2010-01-20 16:42:16.2260

I already pre-ordered Amplitube 3. I have been an amplitube user now for a few years, and this new version is gonna be the best yet. They added new models, but also remodeled the older ones with their newer third generation technology. I was told by someone at IK that they brought the quality of all the models in Amplitube 3 to the level of Amplitube Fender, which sounds so real it is scary. If you search for "Amplitube Fender comparison" on youtube you will see/hear what I mean. It is uncanny how close the modeled amps sound to the originals. Well, now they are all gonna sound that good hopefully.

Notice what was said there..... 3rd generation technology. this is where I think Line 6 is dropping the ball. they are still back there with 1st generation stuff. It was incredible for it's time, but it has not really blossomed.

The other thing is that IK has awesome customer appreciation. Wanna know how much I paid for Amplitube 3? $100. That's it. Why? Because they give you "jampoints" for every purchase you make, which is basically money in an account with them towards your next purchase. And your next purchase will automatically be discounted anyway, because returning customers do not pay full price. With their crossgrade and upgrade deals you pay tons less. So between some jampoints and my customer discount I saved 200 bucks. Plus, if I read the email closer, I had a code I could have entered to save even more!

I wonder why Line 6 doesn't do this? I still remember that plug-in crisis that happened on here....

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