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Pocket Pod keeps rebooting itself. Also going through lots of batteries
by ogannon on 2010-01-18 15:32:15.8470

I just bought the Pocket Pod as a practice amp for when I'm on the road.

Problem 1. It keeps rebooting itself. Makes a loud click on my guitar amp when it does.

Problem 2.  I'm using Vyzex program and finding things to be very frustrating.It is not consistently communicating with the PP. Flakey.

My computer is fast and powerful and I've tried different usb ports on the main box.

BTW, I'm going through lots of batteries. What are the specs for the 9 volt adaptor? It looks like I'll have to get one of those.Does it have to be made by Line6 or can it be generic?

I will return this if I can't get it working properly.


RE: Pocket Pod keeps rebooting itself. Also going through lots of batteries
by Line6Hugo on 2010-01-29 10:42:04.7970

If the Pocket POD is constantly rebooting itself, there could be a problem with the hardware.

How long have you owned the Pocket POD? I has a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase.

I do recommend re-installing or updating the flash memory on the Pocket POD using the Line 6 Monkey software:

Connect the Pocket POD to your computer via USB cable. Then, open the Line 6 Monkey software. Select 'Flash Memory', and click on the 'Re-install Latest' or 'Update Selection' button on the right side of the program.

IF the problem is with the hardware, it can be replaced if you are within the warranty period. The Pocket POD is not repairable, so if the device is out of warranty, there is no fix for the POD.



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