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Line 6 UX1 studio latency problems?
by hashampersand on 2009-03-24 16:38:22.1740

I bought the UX1 as it advertised the 'virtual elimination' of latency, and a low recording noise, two things which were bugging the hell out of me with my iMic.  It works fine with the headphones plugged straight into the box, but when I try and route the sound through garageband, I get some noticeable 'vibe killing' latency.  Much more than in Ableton or riffworks.  Should I run Gearbox as a standalone program in the background, or will the AU unit do the same thing? 

When I use Guitar Rig Standalone, there are next to no latency problems, but with garageband, it's really noticeable, and pretty annoying.  I bought this thing on the strength of the blurb and internet reviews, so can anyone help me out? 

I have my garageband set up for lowest latency, and good quality sound samples, I'm editing a 5 track song with 3 live instruments, and my Line 6 Ux1 is set to the smallest buffer size for lowest latency.

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