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Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-03-24 18:58:07.8110

Well I finally figured out my first problem, that was caused by having the device plugged into a hub.

So on to my second problem, again everything has been updated and computer meets specifications.Picture 1.pngPicture 2.png

Now, everything is showing that the connections are good, and the pod shows up when I start Line 6 Edit, but when the Tone Locker tries to connect I am getting a midi timeout. At the same time the process bar is showing it trying to connect the display on the pod fade in and out not completely out just dim a little.

Picture 3.png

I also received the following message;

MIDI Timeout while requesting manual mode patch

cmn.l6java.patch.L6PatchManager$DeviceNotConnectedException: null

App info: Line 6 Edit 3.01 release - build 99 - Fri Oct 27 14:49:03 PDT 2006

Date: 3/24/09 7:15 PM

In thread: L6Thread - 'L6MIDIJava dispatch thread' - started at cmn.l6java.midi.L6MIDIJava.L6MIDIJava.Start - line 206

OS: Mac OS X (10.5.6 i386)

Java VM Version: 1.5.0_16

Stack trace:


at cmn.l6java.patch.L6PatchManager.AcquireDevice(

at cmn.l6java.patch.L6PatchManager.RequestDeviceEditBuffer_Sync(

at cmn.l6java.patch.L6PatchManager.RequestEditBuffer(

at line6editbase.editor.L6Editor.SetCurrentPatch(

at line6editbase.editor.L6Editor.SetCurrentPatch(

at line6editbase.editor.L6Editor.OnMIDIPatchChange(

at cmn.l6java.patch.L6PatchManager.NotifyListenersOfPatchChange(

at modules.sharctone.device.L6SharcTonePatchManager.OnPC(

at cmn.l6java.midi.L6MIDIManager.OnPC(

at cmn.l6java.midi.L6MIDIManager.HandleTrackedPC(

at cmn.l6java.midi.L6MIDIManager.OnMIDIEvent(

at cmn.l6java.midi.L6MIDIJava.L6MIDIJava.DispatchMIDIData(

at cmn.l6java.midi.L6MIDIJava.L6MIDIJava.Run(


Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by willdaley on 2009-03-29 09:18:50.1940

Having the same problem. What is the solution?

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-03-29 11:47:08.5010

In a way, glad I am not the only one... I haven't found a solution yet... I am still trying to get a hold of technical support.

Even after exchanging the pod, I am still having the same results.

Will keep you posted, I will try to call again on Monday, or maybe they might return my phone call

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by willdaley on 2009-03-29 11:55:34.9080

That's not good. I haven't asked to exchange the pod -- I think the USB connection is working, it seems to recognize the device, so it's some failure with the software. I'm using Vista, you're on Mac, and it's the same basic issue, so it seems odd that it would fail in the same way in two different operating systems. Would appreciate any info you're able to gather.

Here's a link to a separate thread I've started.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-03-29 18:26:14.4430

I have also tried it on 2 other machines, another mac running 10.4 and a PC running XP and yet the same message.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-03-30 11:01:40.7710

Finally talked to a tech today, and after explaining my problem he tried setting up the same setup on his end to walk me through it.

After a few minutes of waiting for him to get set up, he came back online to inform me that he was experiencing the problems that I was having.

I couldn't believe that I was the first person that had noticed this, they were not aware of any type of problems.

They are looking into a work around and will be getting back to me.

Will keep you posted

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by willdaley on 2009-03-30 11:10:19.5440

Hey, thanks a lot for letting me know. How very strange. I've found a few others on different forums with similar sounding problems, but not seen an answer on any thread.  I wonder... I modified and saved one of the factory pre-sets before trying to go online to connect. I'm wondering if there's a bug where the pod must be unaltered before connecting for the first time. It's just got to be the software, but it's so strange that it's happening under such different circumstances.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by toneman2121 on 2009-03-30 11:16:44.9300

u da man! seriously your patience and persistence has come through

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-03-31 11:15:33.4870

Don't think that is the issue on changing the settings first, it happened to me on a brand new pod. I had my other exchanged because thought it might have been the pod, same thing right out of the box without changing a thing

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by Disraeli on 2009-03-31 18:53:20.2630

I to am having this problem ...after running monkey and updating the driver and something else, then all of a sudden line 6 edit gives the midi timeout error message when trying to connect to the bass podxt. I have the regular guitar podxt as well and am able to connect just fine with that. I have tried going back the the previous version of the driver and line 6 edit as well as reflashing the firmware... still no workie! I hope they get this figured out soon cause this is really bugging me. They should also not allow Monkey to update this stuff untill they get it fixed!!!!!!!!!! My 2 cents

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by willdaley on 2009-04-04 11:34:33.2390


Not sure if you've resolved this yet, but I've written the Vice President of Customer Service to see if she can't help us find some solution to the issue. I've sent her links to this and my original thread, so hopefully we'll hear back soon. Here's the email I sent:

I purchased the Bass Pod XT Live about a week ago. I think it's a great product, but I have been unable to access the online functionality due to a "MIDI timeout" error when trying to connect to the tone locker. When I posted my issue on your support forum I found that there are others having the problem, with unfortunately no resolution to it despite efforts to contact customer support. I, and I'm certain the others on the threads below, would greatly appreciate a solution to the problem.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by Disraeli on 2009-04-05 12:41:11.6870

FIXED...... Reflashed the USB Firmware, then the flash memory and bada boom line 6 edit works... They must of fixed something on their end!!!!

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by willdaley on 2009-04-05 19:35:28.4290

Not here. I've re-flashed, re-installed, re-booted... No dice.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-04-06 06:44:33.6370

I already tried that as well with the tech, and nothing changed. I still have not heard back as to a solution. My last contact with them was last Monday when I was told that they would look into it and call me back in a couple days, still waiting. I was going to give them a call back today, will keep you posted

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by mariomeijers on 2009-04-07 00:04:43.6280

Hi there,

Having the same problems (bought  the bassxt 1 week ago). You mention that you've reflashed ... How does that work and where do you get the software you need

gr mario

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by mariomeijers on 2009-04-07 00:07:41.5170

Hello there,

I bought my BassPod xt a week ago and have the same problems on my pc (windows xp). When I use monkey and do the check evrything is OK but starting up edtit my pod is recognized but after completely starting up I get the message  MIDI TIME_OUT.

I'm looking for help...

gr mario

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by subspecies on 2009-04-18 19:49:10.6120

so is there anyway to fix this problem yet . . mine just started the midi time out error a couple days ago ..  and i have been going crazy  sense . . please  help .. ..

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-04-20 07:11:27.5910

So far, this hasn't been resolved.

I have had this Pod for 2 months and haven't been able to use it. I have come to the point where I had to send my Pod into Line 6 so they can look at it.

I was told by the tech that they are not aware of any issues, but after reading some of the discussions and hits on my post, I couldn't believe that they knew nothing of this problem. I was told I was the first to call.

Then after saying I couldn't believe I was the first to call, i was told it wasn't a big enough issue to be a priority.

So here I sit and wait for a product I purchased 2 months ago and haven't been able to use.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by mariomeijers on 2009-04-20 09:41:40.4720


I was glad I could change my pod 3 times at the local store but all these 3 had the same problems on 4 different pc I could try it on. At least I was happy that I could change my pod for a boss me50B at my local store.

wishing you all the  luck

gr mario

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by rockastle on 2009-06-03 07:44:12.8400

Same thing here. I'm trying to sync a Bass POD XT with Edit and I get the MIDI time out error. It's not the cable, the USB port or anything else on my computer (I also tryed a different one) as I can sync my XT Live and X3 Live perfectly. I've reset the Bass POD to factory settings, changed driver versions, updated everything I could and later went back to the previous version and still get the same. By reading previous posts I can tell it's a problem with the POD, or Edit not being able to read it. Would be nice to have a word from Line6 tech support.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-06-21 06:05:15.9480

Sorry to say you will never get an answer. I still have noet resolved my problem. Althought the POD works greaqt for tones, I can not hook it up to a computer. They tell me there is something witht he settings of my computer yet I have tried it on 4 different ones and same results. Would be nice to find someone around that I clould actually take it too and be there while it is hooked up so I could see for myself that they say it works.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by wpugh949 on 2009-06-30 23:41:02.0100


I just posted in another thread on this already but this is the thread I belong to because whalllaaa I am having the same issue.

For the tech to say your settings are wrong that's that is a real shame. They should post a "how to" change your settings to get it to work or in the very least admit they don't know what the issue is and say they are working on a solution with an eta.

I am running Vista...I have all the latest downloads and I am having the exact same connection issue.


Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by lordoflow on 2009-07-14 21:56:09.2340

Same here, I've reflash installed and reinstalled everything and still the same midi time-out. I would love to edit on the pc. My guitar podxt runs "edit" perfectly. I'm thinking some thing in the bass podxt driver or flash memory. When was the last time they even up dated the flash. Bassist get no respect....

BTW I love my pods. Had them for 4 years with no problems but this.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by willdaley on 2009-07-15 04:58:34.7380


I had this problem with my Bass Pod (I had posted earlier in this thread). I went back to the store and exchanged. The new one worked perfectly. But it seemed really strange since my computer was definitely recognizing the Pod through USB - it just wasn't connecting to the editor. In any event, problem solved, so I went on with my life. Then, a month ago, I got a Korg M50-88 workstation. Lo and behold, when I went to connect to that machines editor through USB it was the same basic problem. My machine clearly knew the M50 was connected, but it would not recognize it in the editor.

So, I called Korg customer service and in two calls I got their software support on the line who explained that there is a 10 MIDI device limit in Windows Registry. So, he took me into the registry, had me clear out a couple unused MIDI entries and - presto- my M50 now connects fine.

Here's the thread that I started on the Korg forum with an answer down the line:

This doesn't explain why my Bass Pod worked after I exchanged it, since I really don't think it was a hardware problem at all.

It also doesn't explain why I couldn't get an answer from Line 6. I wrote emails to Line 6 customer service with no response. Others on this thread called them to no avail. Line 6 has great stuff, but no one likes a primadona.

Anyway, I hope this answer solves the problem for those of you still experiencing it.


Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by lordoflow on 2009-07-18 07:41:36.0510

I finally got edit to work. I uninstalled all line 6 programs and drivers, then went through the whole pc to clean up any remaining fragments left in program files and user files. Then a local search to find anything else. Then reinstalled monkey, drivers, then edit. I still can't see flash updates on monkey but edit is working fine. Also, make sure you have the correct version of Java running, ver. 5 update 11. I got rid of all other versions and turned off java updates.

Hope this helps, JD

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bassistedan on 2009-08-02 00:06:37.6850

Same thing happen to me, I bought my POD brand new, & I also try using a different OS (Mac Tiger & Windows XP) with the line 6 editor but still get the same bloody msg...ergh!!!!!!

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by bwhokirk on 2009-08-13 07:51:52.3950

I have still yet to get my pod to connect to edit, yes the mac does recognize the pod but it will not allow me to connect with edit so so much for being able to add additional sounds.

Even after the tech telling me that it must be a conflict with my computer, I went to the extent of reformating my hard drive, wiping out everything and reinstalling the OS. STILL NOT HAVING ANY LUCK!!!!!!!!

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by edvon on 2009-09-02 02:31:54.9720

yep, same problem here. Mac OSX10.5.7 Monkey got all the latest updates, tried all USB ports and 4 different cables. line 6 edit will not work...

This is very frustrating.

I haven't tried a different OS and computer yet, but from what I've read here it might be a lot of work for no positive outcome anyway...

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by muskarver on 2009-09-12 11:32:34.5820

hi friends sorry for my bad english..

I had same problem but ı soved it.

ı have pod2.o and win xp with sp3.

In Windows XP ( My xp in turkish so ıdont know exact terms of english in windows) go to control panel and select sound setting and chose youre midi output device as picture attachments:

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by Oenemans on 2010-03-07 14:23:49.5170

Very big bump!!

Anyone still having this problem?

I just encountered this midi timeout on my mac.

All my stuff (mac and podxt) is brand new, but still no help.

Hope they'll fix it soon.

Re: Bass PodXT Midi Timeout
by andykojezz on 2012-06-13 00:51:20.5390


I had the same problem. This is what helped:

1) Use LIne 6 Monkey to reinstall USB firmware and FLASH memory (this order).

2) Then use Line 6 uninstall utility to remove DRIVER and EDIT program.

3) Last step is factory reset of POD.

Restart computer and install DRIVER and EDIT program again without Java runtime (it worked for me).

IMPORTANT: Do not change any setting nor preset in POD before first succesfull connection with Edit program!!! Better do not even touch it.

It could be the reason of  midi timeout issue.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.