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ToneCore docks discontinued?
by audioartillery on 2010-01-27 09:11:42.7100

I tried to order a few mono docks from Musician's Friend yesterday.  They were on sale and I figured it'd be nice to sell my effects along with a dock if it were cheap enough.  They took my order but then canceled it.  Their support guy said they're out of stock and won't be restocking, and that this usually means the manufacturer has discontinued an item.

The Amazon/Line6 store has the pedals on sale as well.  Are the docks being discontinued?

Semi-related question:  would it be possible for developers to order docks along with blank modules at a discounted price?  It would really help get our effects get out there.  Especially if they are being phased out.

I might as well add that I'm having a total blast with the dev kit, it was really nice of Line6 to put it together.  I was hoping for a more active community around it but it's still a lot of fun.

Re: ToneCore docks discontinued?
by line6lm on 2010-02-04 09:39:12.4450


No the docks are not discontinued. You can purchase them from our website:

As far as discounts, we do not have the ability to offer those in Technical Support.


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