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Problems installing GuitarPort Driver
by lmatos on 2010-02-03 09:36:29.2250

Installed latest GearBox and Monkey.  Monkey says everything is up-to-date except for the USB device driver. Then I let Monkey update the driver.

It gets to the point where it says to plug in the GuitarPort into the USB port directly (no hub). Windows "New Hardware Found" wizard comes up.

I pick to install drivers automatically, but without searching for drives on the internet.  Installation begins and freezes on the file:  LG6PAsio.dll

The installation does not get pass this point.  Tried multiple times. Using Windows XP Professional, by the way.

If I kill the installation and try to run GuitarPort with GearBox, I get no sound. (Headphones plugged into guitarport line out).
The light on GuitarPort device is green. And the GearBox USB icon (bottom right) is not flashing.

However, I get no sound. There's no signal from the guitar into GearBox application.  Even the tuner does not recognize the guitar signal.

The guitar, guitar cable, and USB cable are good (tested in other equipment).


Any ideas?


Re: Problems installing GuitarPort Driver
by lmatos on 2010-02-03 13:22:33.9470

ok. Gave up on the XP professional machine, and installed it all on a XP Home Edition, and got past the installation issue, but still no sound.

Latest GearBox 3.7, latest USB Driver, latest firmware (all green in Monkey).

Same issue. Device light is green. GearBox does not complain about USB. If I unplug USB, GearBox flashes the USB connection icon. If I plug it back in, GearBox says the connection is ok.  But I can't get any guitar sound into GearBox.

I ran my ipod into the GuitarPort line in and could hear the song in the headphone, so the audio bypass, volume, and headphone are working fine.

In GearBox, however, no signal from the guitar. Niddles are dead, and tuner doesn't react either. Monitor volume is hign, out volume is high, amp volume is high, all effects that have volume are high. Mute is off.

Other key symptoms:

- GearBox player will not play any music file. Tried CD, mp3, wav.. it loads the song, but when I press "play" it does nothing. Song time doesn't start counting.

- Metronome also does nothing.

- Hum Learner records them hum and then says "(Code 80007002) Unknown hardware error."

btw, also checked the GuitarPort input jack (where guitar cable plus) and it's clean, too.


RE: Problems installing GuitarPort Driver
by darealagentp on 2010-02-08 11:19:08.1040


In GearBox 3.70, is the Source Select set to: Instrument?

Also, you're using headphones or powered monitor speakers connected directly to the output jack on the GuitarPort device, correct?



Re: RE: Problems installing GuitarPort Driver
by lmatos on 2010-02-08 13:17:27.4390

Hi Perry,

I can't find this 'Source Select' option.  From the manual pictures, I believe it's supposed to appear on the left side under the Hum Reducer. But I don't get that option. Could it be because GearBox knows I'm using GuitarPort and not TonePort?   On the View->Hardware Info, it confirms that it's successfully connected to GuitarPort via USB.

I see an 'Input Select' option set to "Instrument" under the Inputs & Recording tab of the driver settings. That one is set to Instrument and it's grayed out (can't be updated).

I've tried both the headphone and the L+R output. But mostly I'm trying a regular stereo headphone (small earbuds).  If I run mp3 player through the GuitarPort line-in jack, I can hear the music on the headphones. So I don't think the problem is with the audio part of the hardware.  it's either software related, or DAC part of the heardware is toast (hopefully not).


Re: RE: Problems installing GuitarPort Driver
by lmatos on 2010-02-08 13:27:32.9200

and yes, headphone is connected to GuitarPort, not the PC

RE: Problems installing GuitarPort Driver
by darealagentp on 2010-02-09 11:17:15.9200


Ah yes, my fault. You have a GuitarPort USB device. You won't see the Source select option, please disregard.

Next question: to double-check... have you tried connecting this GuitarPort to every USB port on your host computer? And going ahead another step, if you have a different computer available, what happens when connecting your GuitarPort? The reason I ask this last question; if the GuitarPort device itself is at fault, chances are that the symptoms would be the same if you use a different host computer. Having two completely different systems to verify the performance of the same USB device is the best way to make certain the issue is with the device and not the host computer.

Let us know.



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